Kaldath's Caption Contest #40

Good people of Heromachine, it is again time for the weekly caption contest, and this week I want your best dialogue for this image:

Frog Thor 1


The usual rules apply, You are limited to Three (3) entries which are due by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday August 26th.  Of course I as always expect you to keep your entries no worse then PG-13 in nature and that you follow all the normal rules of the forum when writing your caption for the above image. That being said I wish you all Good luck!


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17 Responses to Kaldath's Caption Contest #40

  1. 1. “It wasn’t EASY being green, BUT NOWWWW… MUAHAHAHA!
    2. Owning a mystical mallet would be much more ironic for a crab.
    3. What kind of flies do YOU guys normally swat?

  2. 1) Disney has just stepped waayyy over the line!

    2) No, I am NOT kissing Loki, I don’t care how pretty he is.

  3. I have a frog in my throat. It doesn’t hurt… it’s just a little Thor.

  4. I say thee nay, yon villains of Calaveras County!

  5. {Background Music:}
    “Behold in Endless Wonder…
    The Frog of Thunder…
    Mighty Thor! Ribbit!”

  6. Know thee what happens when a toad strikes out with lightning?

  7. LOKIIIIIIIIIII! Curse you for saying that toad was a beautiful princess!

  8. Avatar animestar5000

    Witness the mighty power of Thor! God of Lightning frogs! *Ribbit*

  9. 1) Verily, yon flies hath given me the runs!
    2) This is the 100th level “Frogger” bonus!
    3) Now for vengeance on that Toad, Loki!

  10. OK, Sif, I get your point. I’ll quit flirting with the Olympian goddesses.

  11. 1) And from yonder cometh the dreaded… Princess Tiana!
    2) Hello my baby! Hello my honey! Hello my ragtime gal..!
    3) Behold, the avenging son of CRRROOOAKdin..!

  12. Avatar livewyre1014

    1) RIBBITH.

  13. Don’t worry – I’m a male frog.

  14. “Rib-bit-bit-bit. Ribbit, ribbit. Rib-bit-bit-bit. Ribbit, ribbit. It’s hammer time.”

  15. “First they thought female Thor was a good idea, now this.”

    “This week on ‘Who wants to be Thor’…”

    “That moment when you realize that a frog is more qualified than Stan Lee to wield Mjolnir.”

  16. Have at thee foul gecko your insurance savings mean nothing to one that weilds the might of mjolnir!!!

  17. NAY? BY THE ALL FATHER!! thou hast really (whats that human always saying to me? OH YES,) MAN you really pissed off your dad this time…
    LOKI said, I can catch more evil flies like this than with milk and honey…
    Just ribbit me alone…