Kaldath's Caption Contest #33

Once more into the breach my friends, yes it is again time to jump feet first into another Caption Contest. This week I want you to get your thinking caps on and give me some good dialogue for the following image:

 Ranma 1

The usual rules apply, You are limited to Three (3) entries which are due by 12 noon Eastern Time on Tuesday July 8th.  Of course I as always expect you to keep your entriesno worse then PG-13 in nature and that you follow all the normal rules of the forum when writing your caption for the above image. That being said I wish you all Good luck!


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12 Responses to Kaldath's Caption Contest #33

  1. That’s not how you eat it!!!

  2. That’s what you get for looking at my melons.

  3. Yippie ki-yay, melon farmer!

  4. “In Japanese cartoon, watermelon eat you!”

  5. 1. “I don’t think he said he felt ‘melon-collar.’
    2. ‘Wear it’ isn’t really the choice we were hoping for . . .
    3. I don’t think the ‘Fruit of the Loom’ guys need your help.

  6. Avatar Hexadecimal

    – “I guess they ran out of ammo and had to get creative…”

    – “Who knew the gods could be THIS vengeful?”

    – “Are you gonna eat that or yell at the sky some more?”

  7. “It is not enough to just WEAR the Watermelon… You must BECOME the Watermelon!” 😉


  9. I thought you’d use a karate chop, not a head-butt!


    I said you looked like a fruit, not a vegetable!

  10. Avatar Shashwat Mishra

    you are so fond of watermelon that you are eating it without removing its cover.

  11. Yeah he’s got watermelon shoulders, what of it? You’ve got blue hair, who are you to judge?

  12. “Okay…um you’r supposed to eat it not wear it” *In angry voice*