Kaldath’s Caption Contest #32 – Results

Last week I asked for your best dialogue for the following image:


and the following were my top five favorite entries …..

I tawt I taw a pooty-tat? I did! I did taw a pooty-tat!



 When I asked for a backup team, this isn’t what I had in mind…


“I’ve found the assistant Editors, at last! Charge!!!!”



“Hmph! Jumanji ain’t so tough!”



Can’t find that Doctor Moreau anywhere!


And the winner is …………………………..



Bq0ruAMCUAEuyqH 2

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4 Responses to Kaldath’s Caption Contest #32 – Results

  1. Not just funny. BOY, have I felt that way . . .

  2. GASP! ;) Thank you! First win, I believe…

  3. @WillyPete, This is your second ( at least ) That I named you winner! ;)

  4. KatmirStone

    Funny stuff man! Congratulations :)

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