Kaldath's Caption Contest #30

I am considering changing the caption contest to a weekly event instead of bi-weekly. So with that spirit in mind it is once again  time for a new caption contest! This week I want you to come up with your best dialogue  for BOTH word bubbles in this image:


The usual rules apply, You are limited to Three (3) entries which are due by 12 noon Eastern Time on Tuesday June 17th.  Of course I as always expect you to keep your entries no worse then PG-13 in nature and that you follow all the normal rules of the forum when writing your caption for the above image. That being said I wish you all Good luck!


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11 Responses to Kaldath's Caption Contest #30

  1. 1. RWB: This is too low-cut. S: Looks good from here!
    2. RWB: Do you think I inspire lurking? S: Not at ALL.
    3. RWB: Now I’m dressed like a flag. Now what? S: I’ve got a pole for you!

  2. BTW, for those who do not know who this is, it is Betsy Braddock aka; Psylocke filling in for her Twin Brother in the role of Captain Britain. ( Before she go turned into an Asian ninja)

  3. So these springs on my gloves hold up the dress?
    Actually, it’s the Comics Code Authority that does that!

    This mask is hard to see through!
    Yoo-hoo, I’m over here, dummy!

    So, brother, you wear a shoulder-baring, low-cut top?
    Actually, I like wearing you undies over here in the shadows!

  4. 1. I am Lady Patriot…out to put the breath of life back into humanity!!
    Don’t forget to brush your teeth, first.

    2. Let’s take a look at my new costu…Hey! I’m the Black Widow..WTH?
    Ha-Ha! I’m Aston Kutcher and you’ve just been “Punk’d”!!!

    3. Maiden America is going to clean up this city…
    Oh yeah? Where’s your feather duster?

  5. BB: I am Captainess Britainess!!!
    GiS: It’s Captain Britain, you dumb blonde!!!!!

    BB: I hope this dye comes out so I can go back to my original purple dye.
    GiS: Oh, Oh, the box says its permanent.

  6. Avatar Short Temper

    “Ugh, I didn’t know Cthulhu had a brother…”

    “Ahh, Lady Paradigm. Pardon me for neglecting to shave.”

  7. “And you REALLY think 4 colors in my hair look good?”

  8. “I’m confused. Am I supposed to be Miss Britain, or Miss France?”

    “Neither. The title is ‘Pan-Europa’ now.”

  9. Avatar Super_Trooper_X3

    “so am I Asian or British?”

    “Neither you just a lonely american girl who wakes with a rainbow on her face. Your hair”

  10. “I don’t think this is tailored right… the crotch is still too baggy.”

    “……………………. Nah. Looks fine.”

  11. Avatar Calvary_Red

    Betsy: “With this costume, no one will ever suspect the original Captain Britain has retired.”

    Shadow: “I think they might.”

    Betsy: “What’s wrong guys? Wait, there’s a bad guy sneaking up on me, isn’t there?”

    Shadow: “Curses, I’ve been discovered!”

    Betsy: “And we will call this land, ‘New Britain.'”

    Shadow: “I’d rather call it, YOUR GRAVE!”