Chrome Exporting is now fixed!

Over the weekend an old client called with a new bug in their HeroMachine version after the last Flash Player updated. We spent a couple of days figuring out what went wrong and now it's fine, but along the way I stumbled across a workaround for the image exporting bug Google introduced in their last Chrome updated. Using this new (actually, very old) method instead, I was able to get this important feature working again. So now if, like me, you're a Chrome user, you can once again export your HeroMachine 3 creations as a PNG or JPG. Hooray!

7 Responses to Chrome Exporting is now fixed!

  1. Awesome! Thanks for this, and all of your other great work.

  2. This is great. Thanks Jeff!

  3. Thank you so much

  4. It isn’t fixed, though… I try to export an image and it just moves everything 20 points left. :s

  5. ^
    same for me.

  6. Dang it. I was still using the PepperFlash disabling workaround from earlier, which made me think it was fixed. I re-enabled that and sure enough, the new fix isn’t actually fixed. Rats.

    Sorry for the false alarm. Plus, now I have to fix the uncentering problem. Feh.

  7. At least the uncentering issues are solved here, but still no exporting. Good luck Jeff, please, don’t let us down! πŸ˜€