All 32 Marvel Movies since 1998 Ranked


Mighty God King has ranked all 32 Marvel movies released since 1998 and while I haven't seen all of the entries, I think he has the others in about the right order. I just saw "Winter Soldier" a couple of nights ago and I am still pumped up about it. Usually I think of "Iron Man" as the top film, but he has a point about the closing act being fairly weak, particularly after seeing the Winter Soldier fight scenes.

How about you, where would you rank them?

3 Responses to All 32 Marvel Movies since 1998 Ranked

  1. skybandit says:

    They made a Man-Thing movie that wasn’t a porno?

  2. Worf says:

    Skybandit, yes they did. It is god-awful! DO NOT attempt to see it. It might burn your eyes out.

  3. hillbilly says:

    Hulk and Ghost Rider are better than their sequels. I’m burned out on X movies. Pretty much same story, a few different characters. same with spidy movies. We get the origins, No need for a reboot every single time. Just continue. Spidy/xmen fight a villain. I forsee having to sit through another batman origin, avengers if they reboot it. Only people who don’t know the origins are youngsters. And those probably live without tv. Besides they wont watch it anyway. Origins kill a movie on popular characters everyone and their grandmaw know.
    Man-thing was more interesting that FF2 or IM2. Those 2 bored me. Man-thing had some cool scenes. Not epic, but a good nothing to watch night.