Electrium vs. Surge

I worked with Brad Carter on another illustration of his characters, this time featuring the speedsters Electrium and Surge. He gave me the following writeup of what he wanted:

I want another battle scene but this time instead of 2 powerhouses it is 2 speedsters Surge and Electrium.

Surge's powers: Runs at the speed of light (fastest human alive) a skilled combatant snd get generate and manipulate positive lightning (lightning that comes from the sky) he can also utilize electronics byusing his lightning powers. his suit is made out of pure energy (no spandex) in the concepts you will see lighting bolts on his costume those glow with lightning energy running through them. Surge stand at 6'11 about 185lbs of athletic ness he's not muscle bound like titan but he is not skinny either he is the perfect build for an athletic speed runner

Electrium's powers: electrium is basically the reverse surge he has the same exact powers and capabilities the only difference is electrium can control negative lightning (which comes from the ground) and is more devastating then positive lightning his suit is also made out of energy the same way so no spandex the basically have energy based armor suits kinda like the green lanterns suit is made out of energy so around that concept. elstrium is the same size and build as surge.

basically the battle will be on the ground and they will be running side by side with lightning coming off of them symbolizing how fast they are going I want electrium to be running kinda leaned back ready to throw a lightning fist at surge and have surge in front of electrium as if he got a few steps ahead of him and jumped in the air while running to hit electrium with a lighting fist as well however if you think of a better idea we can do that as well have like a blured building in the background or something to make it look like they are running super fast I will send you the concepts of them

Brad also provided the following HM reference photos:

With that as our starting point, we were off to the races! So to speak. Ahem. I don't have the process photos to show you but the final result turned out pretty well. I ended up doing the coloring in Photoshop, which is a bit of a new approach for me.