Kaldath's Caption Contest #22 – Results

Last Week I asked you all to give me you best replacement dialogue for the following image:

Shadowcat1and these are my top five :

Lord_Obsidious : “Aaagh, spider on my chimney! Getitoffgetitoff!”

knighthawk: Black cat, shadowcat, close enough.

knighthawk: Dude, Cheech and Chongs fireplace!

KatmirStone:  “We need a better secret make-out spot, Peter.”

Hammerknight“Hey! What did you do with Santa?”

Of those five, the winner is …………………….



3 Responses to Kaldath's Caption Contest #22 – Results

  1. [hands over bug spray warily] No–this time it’s YOUR TURN. (Good one, LO.)

  2. Hahaha..! Awesome. Congratulations, Lord_Obsidious. :)

  3. Lord_Obsidious