Character Design Contest ♯55 (Speedster) Winner

The winner of this weeks CDC poll was headlessgeneral for his piece Kid Wicked. Congrats hlg, you may now claim your prize from dblade if you so wish.

55 headlessgeneral-KidWicked


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6 Responses to Character Design Contest ♯55 (Speedster) Winner

  1. Avatar MScat says:

    Congrats hlg! That’s a solid character design

  2. ams ams says:

    This pic is awesome! Congrats headlessgeneral!
    Not sure where to nominate for Hall of Fame, but consider this nominated. Could any of the moderators help with this?

  3. Avatar dblade says:

    headlessgeneral: Claim your prize! (please post in dblade’s Whiz Bang Item Dispenser)

  4. Avatar Herr D says:

    good work.

  5. Avatar djuby says:

    Great work as always.

  6. Avatar headlessgeneral says:

    Thanks guys! DBlade, I’ll think of a prize and get to you soon.