HM3: Tech Leg and Lightning Masks



This old leg? Yeah. I had it lying around. You can find it in LegwearMaleStandard.

A few lightning-inspired masks for speedy, electrical, or pointy characters. The 4th mask was actually inspired by an HM3 creation by Deadman (Speed Demon). You can find these in HeadgearMasks.

7 Responses to HM3: Tech Leg and Lightning Masks

  1. Great items, dblade! I love the leg particularly.

  2. Thanks, Jeff! I hope some of the gadgeteer creators get a chance to see it before the Gadgeteer contest is over. Just in case.

  3. Awesome! Thanks!

  4. Nice stuff.

  5. I think that might be the leg iv been waiting for.

  6. Thanks for the props on the mask dblade. And thanks for all the great new items.

  7. The leg is very sweet.