Whiz Bang Item Creation Week 3 Poll Results!

And the winner is...

Ent Foot


Rhino Foot and Abomination Foot just couldn't keep pace with the Ent Foot.

I've already got the Ent Foot going...


and I've started working on the Abomination (Special Five-Toed Edition) Foot...


Now let's see if I can pull off a hat trick and finish the Rhino Foot.

4 Responses to Whiz Bang Item Creation Week 3 Poll Results!

  1. Avatar Hammerknight says:

    So, will Ent foot be sold by the board foot?

  2. Avatar Guy Diga says:

    I was rooting fot it

  3. Avatar dblade says:

    I had a feeling it would make like a tree and leave the others behind.

  4. Avatar WillyPete says:

    Obviously, dblade, those who supported the non-Ent feet were BARK-ing up the wrong Tree! 😉 {Let the PUN-ishment continue!}