New DC Comics superhero inspired by young Cree activist

Shannen Koostachin organized her fellow students in 2008 to lobby the government to replace temporary buildings with a new school in her community of Attawapiskat. She succeeded — but revelling in her victory was cut short, as she died in a car accident in 2010. Koostachin isn't far from cartoonist Jeff Lemure's thoughts in drawing up a new superhero for DC Comics.

A friend of mine posted this article on Facebook and I found it interesting and thought I'd share it.


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One Response to New DC Comics superhero inspired by young Cree activist

  1. Avatar Frevoli says:

    I assume she’ll be a member of the Justice League of Canada (changed name of the JLA post forever evil) – or at least appear in the book in someway (since Lemaire is the one writing it).

    I mean I’m no familiar with the story itself, though could be interesting… Apart from the confirmed Adam Strange, I was wondering who they’d put in the JLC