Big Question ♯22

As I said last week, for this week's big question I want to talk about bad or even useless superpowers. Now with all of the super-powered individuals running around in comics land, it's inevitable that a few are going to have powers that are, at best, not very helpful for superheroics. So, what I want to know is, who do you think has the worst power set of any comics character (and I'm not counting non-powered characters here)?

Personally, I think the award should go to this guy.

Now, considering how many X-Men and their affiliates there are, it's not surprising that they come up with some proper turkeys, but this guy takes the biscuit. And it's not that his power is completely useless, in really life it would be amazingly useful, but for a superhero.....

For those of you who don't know, this guy is called Cypher, he's from the New Mutants and his power is he's omnilingual. Basically he can speak any language, including alien and computer languages, as well as reading body language. So what we have here is a superhero whose ability is to understand the guy who's trying to kill him, nice. Why is he not working for the United Nations, do you know how much they spend on translators. Any multinational organisation or company would love to have a omnilingual guy working for them, but he's working for a team who already have a large number of team members from other countries who speak both their own language and English and are far less likely to get either in the way or seriously injured during a mission. Ok, since he's been infected by the techno-organic virus he's become much more useful, able to read peoples body language in such a way that he can predict their next move, but that doesn't change the fact that he would be much more useful putting his language knowledge and computer skills to good use and make some sort of on the go translation device so holiday makers don't have to get confused because they don't speak the local language (as anyone who's ever been to Japan will understand).

Anyway, over to you guys. Think you can beat Cypher?


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