Power User Profiles: DC-Lover

This weeks power user has got to be the most prolific writer on the forums. I can think of at least 4 stories he's uploaded to the writers room, all of which are awesome, plus he's currently working alongside Atomic Punk on another epic story. So ladies and gentlemen please welcome; DC-Lover.

Online name used in HeroMachine environs: DC-Lover

What is the secret origin of that name?: When I was younger I used to read a lot of Dc comics and grew up with Batman the animated series so I grew to love Dc comics. So the name just came naturally.

A photo (or drawing) of you in “real life”: 


Real Name:  James McGovern

Real city/state/country: Galway Ireland

Real Job: Student.

Real age:  20

Relationship status: Single For the moment

Online archive of your creations 

In terms of Artwork:http://www.heromachine.com/forum/the-heromachine-art-gallery/the-gallery/

In terms of my writing (Just putting up my most successful work): http://www.heromachine.com/forum/super-hero-fiction/cold-as-ice/


The Best Piece of Heromachine art you’ve created: Hard to say.. Im gonna pick out this few

Sight from Above

Sight From Above

Mr Smiles

Mr Smiles

White Rabbit

White Rabbit

Grey Guard

Grey Guard

Favorite all-time geeky movie if any:  Watchmen

Favorite all-time geeky book if any:  Do androids dream of Electric Sheep.

Favorite all-time geeky TV show if any:  Doctor who and Firefly

Favorite all-time comic book character if any: The Question and Batman

If you could have one super-heroic power in real life, you’d choose: Manipulation of Reality

In your leisure time you like to: Read, play console games, and watch some films.

Character design turn-ons:  Originality and Great designs. Solid Backstory is also a good.

Character design turn-offs:  Dont think i have any. Everyone has their own style.

Any personal message you’d like to share with the Heromachine community about Geek Life:  Thanks for the support.


About JR19759

Email: jr19759@hotmail.co.uk Twitter: @jr19759 Deviantart: JR19759 Deviantart HM Group: Heromachine-Art

6 Responses to Power User Profiles: DC-Lover

  1. If anyone has any other suggestions for people you’d like to see profiled, I’m open to suggestions.

  2. Congrats DC and welcome.

  3. Thanks Djuby. It is truly an Honour to be accepted into the ranks

  4. Congrats DC.

    I don’t think Linea24 or Alexander of Limbo have been a Power User yet.

  5. Congrats and welcome, DC! Anymore, I can’t read “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” without hearing Incubus’ Talk Shows On Mute in my head.

  6. P.K. Dick was a real prognosticator. Many of his shorts still inspire science rather than just get outdated by it.

    Welcome, DC-L.