Poll Position: Party Roles

This weeks poll position will visit the topic of party roles. Now this is more aimed towards MMORPG's however the concept is easily applied to pen and paper RPG's also. So here we go which of the following is your preferred role while playing an MMO or P&P RPG?

Tank:  tanks redirect enemy attacks or attention toward themselves in order to protect other characters or units. Since this role often requires them to suffer large amounts of damage, they rely on large amounts of vitality or armor, evasiveness and misdirection, or self regeneration. Tanks are often represented as large or heavily armored.

Crowd Control:  the crowd control players role is to limit the size of an attacking force via use of powers and abilities that de-buff/debilitate the enemy.

Healer: the healer is a fairly self explanatory role. The healer is responsible for keeping the party alive during combat by healing damage taken or apply bluffs to the party to enhance the parties chance of surviving.

DPS: DPS stands for Damage Per Second, and it is this players role to hand out large amounts of damage in as short a period of time as possible.

So there you have your choices, please take a moment to vote and then let us know in the comments below why you chose as you did !


Last week on poll position I asked if you preferred playing a Hero or Villain in games and based on your votes the winner of that poll is  ..............

HERO with 69.66% of the vote!


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