Kaldath’s Caption Contest #11

It is once again Caption Contest time and so without further ado I give you the image I want your best/funniest replacement dialog for.



The normal rules apply, you are limited to Three (3) entries per person, and all entries need to be in by Noon Eastern time next Tuesday September 17th. Remember that this is a family friendly website while crafting your entries and keep things clean! Good Luck everyone!!


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19 Responses to Kaldath’s Caption Contest #11

  1. Im stiff soooooooooooooo stiff mhahahaha

  2. Humpty Dumpty II: The Wall Fights Back
    Humpty Dumpty II: This time it’s personal.

  3. Why is the umpire out in left field?

  4. Most realistic game of Minecraft ever.

  5. In soviet Russia fourth wall breaks you!

  6. “I’m a brick—-house! Mighty Mighty!”

  7. All and all, have a brick from the Wall!

  8. 1: It’s clobberin’ time…for the Lego Thing!
    2: Brick beats Gadgeteer!
    3: When you read while walking, you run into things!

  9. No-one calls me a blockhead!

  10. Talk to me please! I won’t be like my peers! I’ll even answer your questions!

  11. SO you think you’re Miley Cyrus’ wrecking ball?!

  12. I am a free masonry

  13. Oh, sorry. Have you seen a guy that looks just like me? I’m supposed to meet him at the corner.”

  14. “Hey, watch it buddy! I’m the new tetrid. Two-by-two Plus One.”

  15. And that goes for Kool-Aid Man, too!

  16. –and you thought TALKING to a wall has no effect?

  17. “No-one gets away with firing Clayface!”

  18. 1. Suck on my Brick!
    2. All in all its just a
    -nother brick in the wall

  19. darn, someone’s already gone with Soviet Russia

    “Don’t see many of you umpires around here”