Open Critique Day/ Open Thread

As there isn't going to be a costume blog from djuby today, I thought we might as well have an open critique day instead, as we haven't had one for a while (does anyone know where Weilyn has got to?).

Same as it used to be, show us your art and we'll tell you what we think and how to improve it. Only real rule, no copyrighted characters or characters based on copyrighted characters.

You can also use this thread to discuss whatever you want as well.

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15 Responses to Open Critique Day/ Open Thread

  1. Kicktar says:

    Well, it’s been so long I don’t know which of my new creations to post. I think I’ll go with someone that was traditionally a fairly boring person to look at. After a redesign + shading:

    For comparison, here’s the old version:

  2. Renxin says:

    Yes, newer version is much better. Three things caught my attention right away: first, he has no ears (not a bad thing if this was done on purpose, though); second, there’s nothing to strap the club to his back that I can see; and third, the stripes on his abdomen look sort of like they’re stuck to the skin, rather than part of it. Try playing around with the alphas, that can help a lot in that regard. Hope that helps!

  3. Jadebrain says:

    Here’s an obviously unfinished rough draft of a friend’s character in another friend’s campaign using my game system, Festa the Fixer. Still to do are the left foot, the tail, and the rifle on the back. In the final draft, the furs she’s wearing will look different; they’re only drawn like that now because it’s a rough draft.

    Race-wise, she’s a Gannum, a highly-intelligent race of small people that sort of resemble elephants. In addition, they have second brains stored in their bellies, and their hands sport three fingers and two thumbs.

    Culturally, she’s from Calmekanni, a steampunk nation in the desert; however, in the campaign, she’s on an expedition in a very cold arctic region far away from her homeland, which is why she’s wearing furs.

    Any thoughts on things I should do different?

  4. @Kicktar: Seems Renxin covered everything. 😉

    @Jadebrain: Really neat! I think where the fur-lining meets the shoulders, it would be tucked under the mask. The mask itself might have airholes (unless they’re under the nosecone). The left arm seems really twisted stiff (unless the elbows are double-jointed). I like the wrinkled pants.

    Very interesting world that you’ve put together.

  5. Kicktar says:

    Darnit, the ears. I always forget the ears, thanks.

  6. Herr D says:

    @JR: here’s hoping Weilyn didn’t roll down another cliff.
    @Kicktar: Striped ears are hard to make look right anyway

    @ev1. How do most of you make something look like a bite has been removed from it?

  7. Kicktar says:

    @Herr D: I imagine you could mask the background/white onto various insignia that look like a bite, but I’ve never tried.

  8. TOOL says:

    I cant remember the last time we had a show and tell so I am just picking at random one of the newer creations from the first page of my stuff. I cant rememebr if I have shown this one before?

  9. Professor Anthrax says:

    From the National Film Board of Canada, a documentary about the creator of Spawn.

  10. TOOL:
    Horned Witch

    Really great character. Her dress is tattered, add some tears to the cape? She’s missing legs/feet. If she is floating, maybe add some smoke or mist effect.

  11. TOOL says:

    The Atomic Punk: Really great character. Her dress is tattered, add some tears to the cape? She’s missing legs/feet. If she is floating, maybe add some smoke or mist effect.

    Some tears to the coat might be cool, I figured the dress covered the feet but you could just as easily say shes a floater. A fog would help the effect to that point.

    Here’s a close up of her face, I like making stand out faces and heads.

  12. TOOL says:

    Professor Anthrax: From the National Film Board of Canada, a documentary about the creator of Spawn.

    it loads to about 30 seconds and then wont play anymore?

  13. Harlekin says:

    I ask this in february but no one response so in this case i think not a problem to i ask critique for this picture with second time. I want to enter for the now running contest with this picture, but i use this picture in other contest so i can’t enter for the actual contest 😛

    So the picture name is true self.

    A lot of people hide his/her true self. Everyone have a good reason why do it. But no one can do this forever. Our true self always shown out.

    I personally thanks any critique.

  14. JR19759 says:

    @Kicktar- One thing I’d add to what Renxin said is I can’t see much shading done below the thighs, you might want to address this. As for making him look less boring, maybe add another item with a different colour to break up the red and black/ grey (maybe gold, it works quite well with those darker tones).
    @Jadebrain- AP covered most of it really, though to my eyes, the gun grips look a bit to small for the hands, they’d be hard to hold properly.
    @Tool- All I can think of that AP hasn’t said is that she has no ears, but I don’t know if that is intentional or not. Good picture either way.
    @Harlekin- It depends on what you’re trying to put across there. In my opinion the reflection looks a bit to feminine to be a man, the eyelashes and pink tinged lips would be what I’d advise you should look at if you wanted to improve on it. Other than that I can’t see anything wrong with it at all.

    Ok people, this week’s OCD is closed. I might do another one next week, depending on my schedule.

  15. TOOL says:

    LMAO well it happens to everone once and a while where you forget something obvious! I do believe she was suppose to have ears 😛 blah