Caption Contest ♯7

This week, I want you to come up with the best replacement dialogue for this panel.

Caption Contest


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47 Responses to Caption Contest ♯7

  1. Avatar Bryce Wasley

    1. My teeth are perfect. Dentists are just jealous!

  2. Dirty mouth? Clean it up with new Orbitz gum.

  3. 1. Good morning.

    2. Boo!

    3. What did you just say about my smile?

  4. Chili’s a bit spicy, Ma!

  5. I, hate, sauerkraut!!!

  6. “Don’t just Say it, SPRAY it!!!”

  7. You make a joke about my TEETH?! HA-HA-HA-HA-HA

  8. “$@%*, I chipped a tooth”

  9. “I think I ate too much sugar”

  10. So what if my sister is my wife, that’s how we roll down in the bama!

  11. Hurry up with that X lax…I can’t take it any more!!!

  12. What?! They canceled Firefly after one season…Idiots!

  13. Man I can’t get that Lohan taste out of my mouth!

  14. Pick up the soap!

    It puts the lotion on its skin, it does what it’s told!

    The thermometer goes where!?

  15. honestly, the real line is the best.

  16. I knew the real line to the deadpool one and I got no reaction, oh well 🙂 What’s the real one? Or does that taint the contest? Oh I had one more idea for a caption. I didn’t see a limit on entries but I will just do this last one.

    This is… Hero Machine!

  17. TOOL:
    I knew the real line to the deadpool one and I got no reaction, oh well What’s the real one?Or does that taint the contest?Oh I had one more idea for a caption.I didn’t see a limit on entries but I will just do this last one.

    This is… Hero Machine!

    You don’t get any points for the right answer 😉
    And I can never be bothered with limits.

  18. … and I’ve got corn stuck in my teeth!

  19. Avatar Calvary_Red

    You can’t make me go back to school!

  20. 1.) We wants it. We needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us. Sneaky little Hobbitses. Wicked. Tricksy. False!

    2.) Here’s Johnny!


  21. 1) RAAAAAAARR!

    2) …and THAT is how you bite the Hulk.

    3) Eating kryptonite sure does a number on you…

  22. I thought I said, “NO GUACAMOLE!”

  23. Avatar Bryce Wasley

    2. Bottle caps and jawbreakers, fear me!

  24. Avatar William A. Peterson

    From the old “Superchicken” Radio show: “Fred, how many times do I have to tell you! Go easy on the Vermouth!” 😉

  25. Avatar Calvary_Red

    Who took all the peanut butter?

  26. So I guess thooth brushes are NOT overrated after all!

  27. So…I guess thooth brushes are NOT overrated after all!

  28. Teeth are like plates, really brittle and f*cking hard to find a matching replacement.

  29. 2. Wanna give mommy a kiss?


  31. hello my pretty

  32. I hate the Cavity Creeps
    I was out of Crest and the cavity creeps attacked!!
    Look Ma only 1 cavity

    AAWWWW when I find those cavity creeps

  33. 1. SNAP INTO A SLIM-JIM!!!!

  34. Omnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom………………. Bones hurt on the way down! :3

  35. I AM the 5th dentist!

  36. 1. “ehh! Boogerboogerboogerboogerboogerbooger….!”

    2. “I–hehehehe–TOLD YOU-heh-it was—liquid…joker gas….”

    3. “Buy Oozie’s mouthwash as your local general store today!”

  37. 1) I am Stallone, and this is Rocky XIII!
    2) Glad these teeth are from my Green Goblin mask!
    3) When you write the Koran, put in a bit about how showing my face is a sin, okay?

  38. “I’m green with envy! And SO IS MY SPIIIIIT!!!!!!!”

    “I said a venti half-caf, quad-shot, fat-free, soy chai latte with extra whip!”

    “Hey Green Lantern, I’ll show you ‘oppa gangnam style!'”

  39. TOOL:
    Dirty mouth?Clean it up with new Orbitz gum.

    It’s Orbit gum, dude.

  40. Lightningsword Lightningsword

    THIS is what happens when you fight the HULK. WARNING:SPG

  41. Timedrop23: It’s Orbit gum, dude.

    Close enough

  42. Avatar Bryce Wasley

    3. Not this time, Jawbreaker. This time, I’ll break your jaw!

  43. Avatar Lawrence Wilson

    “How many times have I told you? NO! MORE! WIRE! HANGERS!!!!”

  44. Avatar Christine Miller

    “What do you mean we’re out of coffee?!?!”

  45. Steak sauce!

  46. Ok guys, this contest is closed. Results will be up shortly.