Kaldath’s Caption Contest #6

It is time once again for a new Caption Contest, and so this week I want you to give me your funniest, wittiest, and or your more sarcastic dialog to replace what was originally in the following image.


GA and BC


As always I expect you to keep your entries clean I will be deleting any objectionable entries from the comments without warning. You are Limited to Three ( 3) entries per person and have until Tuesday July 9th 12:00 noon to get those entries in.


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29 Responses to Kaldath’s Caption Contest #6

  1. For the last time, NO! I wore the fishnets and I wore the heels, but I am NOT shaving my chest. A man has limits.

  2. 1. I know I said I like seeing you dress in my clothes, but this is going to far.
    2. If we’ve swapped outfits, why am I still wearing a hat?
    3. At nights, you can call me Olive.

  3. 1. That happens if you don’t turn the light back on before you dress.
    2. I don’t think that’s what they meant with “Cross-dressing”…
    3. Sorry darling, but green is not your color. Ah-ah… *tsk*

  4. 1.Look honey dont distract me we already had to rush getting….Honey you look hot in that! Where did you…
    2. Honey I can explain…I wanted to feel pretty
    3. So…Your gonna delete this picture after its taken right?

  5. Does this bow make my butt look big?

  6. Sorry, honey, you will never rock this motif like I do.

  7. Firecracker Firecracker

    Man, I hope this is a dream sequence!

    You mean even with the obvious differences in our physical frames our costumes ACTUALLY fit one another perfectly?

    Happy Halloween!

  8. 1. Booty time, Booty time, Crossdress USA.

  9. Avatar Calvary_Red

    1. At least it’s not purple.

    2. On second thought, I pick “Truth.”

    3. No.

  10. 1) I TOLD you not to piss off Mxyzptlk!

  11. Avatar Bryce Wasley

    1. Damn, I look good in your outfit!

    2. Blue Arrow and Green Canary… I like it!

    3. I’m never taking this off. It was made for me to wear.

  12. 2) Damn, the Mad Hatter pranked us!
    3) I TOLD you polyjuice potion ONLY lasts one hour!

  13. 1. “I know Batman can plan for everything, but isn’t it disturbing he had these costumes on hand?”

  14. “This better not become a habit”

    “It’s not fair. You look so good in my clothes, but you can’t say the same about me”

    “I still think this is not a good idea”

  15. Avatar Bryce Wasley

    I’d like to substitute #2:

    I was born to wear this. It is my destiny.

  16. 1.Fear not my lady,it always sends them running when they gaze upon my pects’.
    2.What do you mean I need to shave ?I just had it dyed blonde!
    3.What did you mean about get out of the closet already?It took 15 minutes to find these outrageous boots!

  17. PS I think we might need female/male standard items soon..yes?No? Maybe?

  18. 1) Ow, my balls!

    2) I feel like a complete fem. And you know what? I don’t have a problem with it!

    3) Let Hawkeye and Black Widow top this!

  19. “Are you SURE newlywed couples’ roles are reversed in Japan?”

  20. “Well, since you asked, I had to tape it to my stomach in order to fit in your costume.”

  21. 1. Yes, I’ve got some captain in me!
    2. Do you REALLY want to be fired up?
    3. Yes. I DEFINITELY want to find out how badly you can mess up my aim.

  22. “Oh honey, I think I wore it better.”

    “Bitch im fabulous”

    “Well, im off to my Rocky Horror show convention”

  23. “I think this may be taking ‘the Hawkeye Initiative’ a bit too far.”

  24. You said we could go out on a date if I wore this. Its time for you to hold up your end of the bargain.

    That’s the last time we should try to get dressed together in the dark.

    Well at least I still look better than that Hawkeye guy in his purple suit.

  25. Avatar NateThePrate

    “Whelp, guess the teleporter’s busted again…”

  26. Avatar Bryce Wasley

    1) Ow, my balls!

    2) I feel like a complete fem.And you know what?I don’t have a problem with it!

    3) Let Hawkeye and Black Widow top this!

    I think you just won.

  27. 1. Think you can hit my bullseye?

    2. Now we see how long it takes for them to notice…

    3. At least I don’t look as bad as Aquaman

  28. Avatar livewyre1014

    We are never betting on the Superbowl again…

  29. 1) Sorry hon, but if you give it, I wear it.

    2)You started it.

    3)Yes, I know I look good. Now may I get out of this getup?