Pop Quiz 5 Results

Quite difficult to decide this one, all of the entries were very good. I ended up narrowing it down to Livewyre, Herr D and Scatman as to who should win. And after much indecision, and despite the fact I had to look on the forum to find he had a correctly named file, I name Scatman this weeks winner for his fan decoration.



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6 Responses to Pop Quiz 5 Results

  1. Congrats, Scatman! Very intricate design.

  2. I’m a huge fan. Get it? Fan? Nevermind…

  3. djuby:
    I’m a huge fan. Get it? Fan? Nevermind…

    I have only one thing to say to that…..

  4. Congrats, Scatman, and thanx, djuby.

  5. Wow!thanx.Great designs guys!the concept for Herr D’s was great and to be honest,I thought Livewyre had it in the bag,or the “vase”nice design!