Poll Position: Movie Time!

IM3 vs MOS


This weeks poll position question is simple. Out of the two summer of 2013 superhero movies that have currently been released, Iron Man 3 and Man Of Steel which do YOU consider to be the better superhero movie, the better block buster if you will?

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I have not seen either movie as of yet so can not give my own opinion on this topic however I'd be highly interested to hear yours. Take a moment to vote and be sure to leave a comment below explaining your choice.


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6 Responses to Poll Position: Movie Time!

  1. barbario says:

    im3 wasnt very good. the action worked and the jokes landed but it just didnt connect. ho hum another day in the life of tony stark. and its clear that shane black hates superheroes.

    mos was inspired. took risks and they paid off.

  2. Myro says:

    I’m going with Man of Steel as well. Iron Man 3 was okay, Man of Steel tried to go a bit deeper with the character. Also, General Zod was actually Zod.

  3. DiCicatriz says:

    I liked them both a lot, but I’m giving an edge to Iron Man 3 here because the characters were much more developed and well-rounded.

    It’s hard to find a balance between a complete retelling of the origin of Superman and a new fresh story, but I feel like a lot of the narrative and character development depended on us already knowing who Superman was and what he stood for. Same thing with his relationship with Lois. It was decently developed, but again had the saving grace of the audience’s collective knowledge of his backstory filling in the gaps. Nowhere near the nuanced level of intimacy in the relationships between the characters in IM3

    Stylistically, and in terms of the tone of the movie, Man of Steel was amazing, but some of the characterization felt kind of rushed or phoned in. Also did anybody else find it slightly out of character for Superman to just recklessly blow up everything around him, shoving Zod into a gas station or Faora into a populated restaurant? Not to mention that last fight with Zod easily killed 300 more people. It just seemed odd for Superman (albeit a younger inexperienced Superman) to be sooooo completely unconcerned with the collateral damage and loss of civilian life until the very end when it became a convenient plot mechanism.

  4. Arioch says:

    DiCicatriz: Who cares, so long as it goes BOOM? That’s hollywood for you 🙁

  5. Scatman says:

    Thanx for the spoiler alert DiCicatriz,I know ya didn’t mean it,I forgive you.anyway The whole neck and neck is really surprising,I guess I have 2 good films to see this summer!Nice!

  6. JWMan says:

    I side with barbario. I enjoyed another adventure of Iron Man, but Man of Steel was the “blockbuster”. I feel like a lot of themes and things were going on in IM3, but it all sort of wrapped up nicely in a happily ever after-didn’t really address the situation kind of way… but I still enjoyed it.

    MOS was that injection of life into the Superman franchise that it needed and I loved getting some significant Krypton in there rather than the “oh sh*t, this place is about to explode, later Kal-El”. As someone who has always been lukewarm to the perfect, good guy boyscout of Superman I liked seeing an edgier, but still good guy Supe. After all, come on, even with great Southern friend parents, he was still raised on earth in America– no one’s coming out of that morally perfect and flawless unless there’s some Kryptonian gene that makes that so.

    I do agree with DiCicatriz though about all the destruction, especially after Supes tells people to seek shelter in a building and then all out destruction ensues (from humans and non-humans alike). Though, and I know Bale’s Batman did a lot of damage, I couldn’t help but think it was one of those Justice League scenarios where Batman shakes his head at all the superhuman destruction and insteads finds a clever way to simply solve the problem.

    On a slightly unrelated note: I know it’s all superhero fiction, but when you think of the millions of dollars in damage natural disasters cost, you’d hope and think superheroes would at least come back afterwards and help rebuild and clean up or else the world would be bankrupt and in decades of disarray in rebuilding.