Kaldath’s Caption Contest #2: Holy Random Rainbow Batman

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Ladies and gentlemen here is my second Caption contest, this week I want you to fill in the dialog of the two word bubbles in the following comic book panel.





You have until 12 noon EDT ( GMT -4) on Tuesday May 14th to submit your entries. Limit of 3 per person. SO lets see how funny and or witty you can be! I'll post the winners one week from today.


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30 Responses to Kaldath’s Caption Contest #2: Holy Random Rainbow Batman

  1. JR19759 JR19759 says:

    Robin: I don’t know Batman, don’t you think that’s sending out the wrong message?
    Batman: Don’t worry chum. It’s the only costume I could find that was more ridiculous than the one George Clooney wore.

    Robin: Did you put the snow camouflage suit in the washing with my costume again Bruce.
    Batman: Either that or Aunt Harriet is getting her own back for us not telling her our secret identities.

    Robin: Now that is the worst costume I’ve ever seen.
    Batman: Says the boy in the scaly green hot-pants.

  2. Avatar RobM says:

    Robin: Holy hues, Batman, why the technicolor togs?!
    Batman: Only 58 more colors to go and I get a box with a built in sharpener!

  3. Avatar Flob says:

    Robin: I’d call for a ‘clean slate’…

  4. Avatar Hammerknight says:

    Robin- “Holy Baskin-Robbins Batman, how many flavors do you come in?
    Batman- “All but Tutti-Frutti.”

    Robin- “Talk about Flavor of the Week.”
    Batman- “You know Catwoman loves to play dress up.”

  5. Avatar Hammerknight says:

    Robin- “Holy Boob Batman.”
    Batman- ” It’s breast cancer awareness week.”

  6. Avatar Skybandit says:

    Robin: Gosh, Bruce, why don’t I get a holiday themed costume too?
    Batman: You’re ALWAYS dressed for the Gay Pride Parade, DICK!

    Robin: Gosh, Batman, why don’t you fire that color-blind tailor?
    Batman: I just love the way he makes my symbol the hat of a stick-man!

    Robin: We’ve caught the Irishman, Yellowjacket, Blue Bird and Punkinman! Who’s next?
    Batman: Dr. Wertham for the crimes of libel, slander, and impersonating a psychologist!

  7. Avatar BenK22 says:

    Robin: Are we fighting Clayface in the taffy factory?

    Batman: Worse. Cancer. It’s Mother’s Day.

    Robin: Are we sponsored by Crayola?

    Batman: Just you, Boy Wonder.

    Robin: When do I get a monochromatic outfit?

    Batman: When you make it look good.

  8. Avatar NHA247 says:

    Robin: Uhhh Batman, I think you are taking this Skittles sponsorship a little to far….
    Batman: Says the boy dressed as a giant reese’s peanut butter cup!

  9. Robin: Holy Schumacher, Batman!

    Batman: Christopher Nolan wanted too much money.

  10. Avatar Renxin says:

    Robin: Well, they do say that only real men can wear pink.

    Batman: Look, it’s teh only one that’s clean, okay?

  11. Avatar Keric says:

    Robin: Ummm, Batman!
    Batman: It’s Crazy Quilt’s work towards rehabilitation, Dick~
    I can’t NOT wear it!

  12. Avatar Keric says:

    Robin: Ummm, Batman…?
    Batman: I’m up for the roll of the Pink Bat Ranger!

  13. Avatar Prof. Abercrombie Q. Anthrax says:

    Robin – But you’re supposed to be insanely wealthy!
    Batman – The Pepto-Bismol people made too good an offer to ignore.

  14. Avatar Max Grant says:


    “We’re going to live at the YMCA.”


    “Don’t judge, you are too.”


    “I’m off to the Pride Parade, BYE!”

  15. Avatar TOOL says:

    Robin: HOLY SKITTLES DYSENTERIA BATMAN! Why do you have all the different colored uniforms?

    Batman: I’m running away to try and join the carebears, I thought the new suits would help me blend in.

  16. Avatar Bryce Wasley says:

    1.Robin: Why is that suit pink, Batman?
    Batman: Joker thought it’d be funny to put a pink sock in the washer. Now he must pay.

    2. Robin: You’re not going to blend with the shadows in that.
    Batman: Oh yeah, because blue and grey hid me so much better.

    3. Robin: You’re wearing all pink… does that mean you’re…
    Batman: Yes, Robin. I am joining the Star Sapphires.

  17. Avatar Bryce Wasley says:

    Bryce Wasley:
    1.Robin: Why is that suit pink, Batman?
    Batman: Joker thought it’d be funny to put a pink sock in the washer. Now he must pay.

    Could I please rephrase this first suggestion so that it’s “Joker thought it’d be funny to put a red sock in the washer” instead?

  18. Avatar Herr D says:

    1. You don’t think the Leprechaun will REALLY return Fort Knox if we do this?—–Be quiet, and go get your red wig.
    2. You’re SURE one of these will temporarily protect you from the newly possessed Green Lantern?—We have to hope so, Robin.
    3. Holy $%^&, Batman!—-If I wanted you to talk dirty, Robin, you’d be the one dressing up. Bat-lipstick?

  19. Avatar fuzztone says:

    Holy Rose-tinted Spectacles, Batman!

  20. Kaldath Kaldath says:

    Bryce Wasley: Could I please rephrase this first suggestion so that it’s “Joker thought it’d be funny to put a red sock in the washer” instead?

    I’ll be nice, Go ahead and re-post your third entry rephrased as you like.

    Also for everyone else, Just to be clear you need to give me dialog for BOTH word bubbles in each of your entries to be considered. Though of you who have only given me one of the two bubble in your entries need to re-submit them with dialog for both Robin and Batman. I will not count the single dialog entries against your total entry count.

  21. Avatar darkvatican says:

    Robin: Batman, what are you doing wearing a pink costume?
    Batman: I would tell you, but you just wouldn’t understand, Robin…

  22. Avatar Prof. Abercrombie Q. Anthrax says:

    Robin – “Batman! What the-”
    Batman – “I thought all those gladiator movie rentals would have tipped you off by now.”

  23. Avatar Wiggewil says:

    Robin: Holy pink Batman! You’re wearing…well, pink
    Batman: And I’m looking good while doing it.

  24. Avatar Frankie says:

    Robin: “Holy pink-eye, Batman! How is THAT supposed to strike fear into the hearts of men?”

    Batman: “Well, straight men, yes.”

  25. Avatar Frankie says:

    Robin: “Holy hidden wardobes, Batman! Where are my alternate costumes?”

    Batman: “I only had enough money for mine.”

  26. Avatar Frankie says:

    Robin: “Holy costume-catastrophe, Batman! Why all the different colored batsuits?”

    Batman: “I saw ‘Zorro, The Gay Blade’ on bat-VD, so….”

  27. Avatar Bryce Wasley says:

    Revisions for 1 and 3:

    1. Robin: What’s with all the new colors, Batman?
    Batman: Joker put my costumes in the washer with a colored sock. Now he must pay.

    3. Robin: You joined the Star Sapphires? Why Batman, why?
    Batman: Love conquers all… with violet light!

  28. JR19759 JR19759 says:

    Bryce Wasley:

    3. Robin: You joined the Star Sapphires? Why Batman, why?
    Batman: Love conquers all… with violet light!

    I preferred the original joke.

  29. Avatar Calvary_Red says:

    Robin: But aren’t you afraid of what people will think?
    Batman: Are you dense or something? I’m the goddamn Batman.

  30. Avatar Big Mac says:

    Yeah, I know the contest is over, but I’m submitting anyway…

    Robin: BATMAN!!! HA HA HA!!!

    Batman: This is for breast Cancer awareness you insensitive ####. I’m saving the Tata’s, not that you’ll ever know what that is.

    Robin: O.M.G. Let me guess, the aunt from ‘A Christmas Story’ sent you that?!

    Batman: Prediction. This suit will last longer than any sidekick.

    Robin: You look like the leader of a gay parade!

    Batman: Ha Ha motha######, its from your closet.