Poll Position: The Iron Wardrobe

This weeks poll position will be taking a look at a selection of Iron Man Armors. Now there are far more versions of the Iron Man armor than I can conveniently list on this poll so I went ahead a selected 10 models out of all the options out there. My question is out of these 10 Iron Man armor models which is your favorite.  Please take a moment to vote in the poll and leave a comment below on why you choose what you choose.  ( Images After the Jump )

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Ablative Armor



Armor Mark I



Armor Mark III



Armor Model 40



Bleeding edge armor



Hulk Buster Armor


SKIN Armor



Space Armor Mark III



Stealth Armor Mark I



Stealth Armor Mark IV

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7 Responses to Poll Position: The Iron Wardrobe

  1. Calvary_Red says:

    The Black, Gold, and glowing Red on the Model 40 armor looked good to me. The Stealth Armor Mar IV looks good too, but when i think “Iron Man” stealth isn’t what comes to mind.

  2. Arioch says:

    I love the Stealth armor Mark IV. It is classy, sober (not unlike a tuxedo) and looks robotic.

  3. Bluemetrox says:

    As good as the armors there are, I prefer the Extremis Armor.

  4. Myro says:

    Hulkbuster: For when you need to do heavy amounts of damage to someone that does heavy amounts of damage to everything else.

  5. Nick Hentschel says:

    I can only say that the Stealth Armor Mark IV is the one of these that *I* would feel most comfortable wearing (I love the way it glows, like something out of “Tron”). I also have a soft spot for the red-and-silver armor from the late 80’s (not pictured here).

  6. darkvatican says:

    I choose the Hulk Buster Armor as my favorite from amongst this lot. Now, since I don’t read Iron Man comics, my understanding is that the Hulk Buster Armor hasn’t gotten than much exposure, compared to, say a regular suit that is worn for a couple of years before being redesigned. Despite that difference in “panel time”, EVERYONE knows about the Hulk Buster armor, because it is so iconic. That’s why I like it the most, anyways.

  7. Mark says:

    Not gonna lie, I have to give it to the Mk. I. Rugged, simple, and gets the job done. No fancy-pants alien technology, no technokinesis, no being poured out of his bones to be had here, ladies and gents.