Poll Position: Spider-Family Fashion

Spider-Man Family


This weeks "Poll Position" will expand on last weeks as I ask you which of the following 10 Spider-Themed Marvel characters has in your opinion the best costume.

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01 Scarlet Spider Ben

Scarlet Spider ( Ben Reilly ) - One of Spider-Man's clones.





02 Scarlet Spider Kaine

Scarlet Spider ( Kaine ) - Another of Spider-Man's clones





03 VenomVenom - Spider-Man's Symbiotic Suit that turned on Spidey and bonded with Eddie Brock after Spider-Man rejected it




04 Carnage

Carnage - The Symbiotic offspring of Venom that bonded with the criminally insane Cletus Kasady en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carnage_(comics)



05 Spider-Woman Jessica Drew

Spider-Woman ( Jessica Drew ) - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spider-Woman_(Jessica_Drew)




06 Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter

Spider-Woman ( Julia Carpenter) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julia_Carpenter



08 Ultimate Spider-WomanUltimate Spider-Woman ( Peter Parker/Jessica Drew ) - A Clone of Peter Parker from the Marvels Ultimate Universe.




07 Spider-Woman Mattie Franklin


Spider-Woman ( Mattie Franklin ) - Gained her powers at a gathering intended to give Norman Osborn Powers like Spider-Mans and later gain both Jessica Drew's & Julia Carpenters blessing to take on the mantle of Spider-Woman




09 Spider-Girl May (Mayday) Parker

Spider-Girl ( May "Mayday" Parker) - The future daughter of Peter Parker wearing her "Uncles" Ben Reilly's Spider-Man costume.




10 Spider-Girl Anya Corazon

Spider-Girl ( Anya Corazon ) - Gained her powers as a result of a mystic ceremony when joining the The Spider Society.




I really like Anya Corazon's costume because it is the most original of the lot, but in the end I think I am going to select as the best costume of this lot, Ultimate Spider-Woman. My reason for this selection is the same as last weeks  choice. I like the simplicity of the design coupled with the sense of intimidation it invokes.


That's my choice, what's yours ? Let us know in the comments.



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9 Responses to Poll Position: Spider-Family Fashion

  1. Kaldath Kaldath says:

    My apologies to you all. I had just noticed that I forgot to add an Image for Ultimate Spider-Woman to the gallery here when I first crafted this post. I have fixed that and her Image is now included in those shown above.

  2. Avatar Calvary_Red says:

    i can appreciate the practical elements of Anya’s design. Most people who suddenly gain super powers won’t have the time/skill to make an elaborate costume. And anyone who does would probably say it’s not worth the work, for something that’s going to get filled with bullet holes.

  3. Avatar Patriot_Missile says:

    Although I agree with Calvary_Red on any super’s sewing skills, I vote for the original Spider-Woman costume. It’s just… super.

  4. Avatar Nick Hentschel says:

    Anya’s custom does, indeed, break the mold, and deserves points for that, but it doesn’t LOOK like a super-costume much.
    As said before, I’ve long had a weakness for Ben Reilly’s costume: the skinsuit-and-jacket format is very appealing and practical. But the colors suck, and I have no idea WHAT the anklets are for.
    In the end, I have to go with Kaldath, and vote for USW’s outfit, even though I’ve never seen it before. The simple design and dark-red colors are precisely what the original suit should have looked like, IMO, and are a great compromise between the black and classic-red costumes, besides.

  5. Avatar barbario says:

    none of the above. i really dont like derivative characters. “i know! lets put boobs on spider/super/bat man and that will increase sales! not a fan of wolver-girl or whatever shes called either.

  6. Avatar cavalier says:

    I always think of Spider-folks as a very bold, outgoing sort. The design of the (original) Jessica Drew’s outfit fits conveys that. Bright colors that work well together in a simple but effective design.

  7. Kaldath Kaldath says:

    I’d like to ask you all a question. Would you like me to extend the better costume poll a week or two, or do you prefer the more traditional x vs y battle type poll ?

  8. Avatar Nick Hentschel says:

    I’d like to ask you all a question. Would you like me to extend the better costume poll a week or two, or do you prefer the more traditional x vs y battle type poll ?

    I can do without the “battle” polls, myself, and have consciously avoided them. Polls like this allow for expression of a wider range of opinions, and potentially inspire a good deal of creativity, as we think of alternatives!
    For example, debating the last two spider-costume polls led me to a question: if Spidey had been a female character from the beginning what would she have worn? (She might not have had an “old pair of red-and-blue longjohns” lying around.) A simple “battle” poll wouldn’t have stimulated my imagination in the same way.

  9. Avatar Myro says:

    I also went with original Jessica Drew, whose costume I’ve liked since I had started collecting comics as a young teen. I like Anya as a character, but I have to say that I was pretty indifferent to her “urban youth” street clothes look.

    I’d like to ask you all a question. Would you like me to extend the better costume poll a week or two, or do you prefer the more traditional x vs y battle type poll ?

    I’m pretty cool with you continuing the “best-of” costume showdown for a while, Kaldath.