Logan wants his mask back!!

This weeks victim of the SuperHero fashion police is Image Comics resident Wolverine wanna be Deadlock!



As I said Logan wants his mask back and he is super mad that Deadlock seems to have gotten some bleach on it!!! I know that a fair number of image's character are total rip offs of Marvels work but I have to say I have never been a fan of Wolverine's taste in costumes, and this little number takes all the bad fashion ques from Logan's attire and then makes it worse!!! I am just surprised that his this is from image that the character isn't toting about a huge Gun or sword, and doesn't have spikes or pouches littering his person though he does have move then his fair share of apparently unless straps and buckles!

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11 Responses to Logan wants his mask back!!

  1. Keric says:

    Um, I am totally confused by what I am looking at!
    This looks like they put wolfie in a blender with a Chibi, Colossus and when it came out, it grabbed all of Rogue’s belts!
    Let me ask the Qs
    1) This was the 90’s right
    2) This wasn’t a Liefeld (or someone copping his style) was it?

  2. JR19759 says:

    Did no-one at Image study anatomy? Those feet are at least four sizes to small for those legs, of which the thighs are too long compared to the shins. The left side of his chest seems to have been caved in and of course he has been the victim of the Liefeld patented dislocated jaw. At least he hasn’t got the phlegms.

  3. Myro says:

    Keric, to answer your questions: Yup, and yes, it was. Deadlock was originally created by Rob Liefeld for his new Youngblood comic at Image. And frankly, Youngblood was full of characters that Rob was ripping off from other comics (including his own. Diehard for example, bears a striking physical resemblance to a certain Merc with the Mouth).
    Just in case you forgot how much Liefeld sucks.

  4. Frankie says:

    “These straps won’t hold me down forever! When I ‘pop’ my claws, I mean…when Ripclaw finds me I’ll be free.”

  5. punkjay says:

    Why does Image Comics insist on shrinking their heroe’s feet! I see Chinese foot binding is a problem in the Image Universe. The belts I can forgive. What I cannot forgive is stealing Wolverene’s mask, and those god AWFUL shoulder pads.

  6. DiCicatriz says:

    I thought this was the Canadian Pride Wolverine limited edition…

  7. Dan says:

    I don’t think I remember Thighs McGee up there, but to be fair, most of the Image characters blend together, especially the Liefeld ones. But maybe we are taking this picture out of context. Maybe his power was he stored crap in those huge thighs, and this was where he was in the middle of …extracting it.

  8. TOOL says:

    Then theres shadow hawk and some other guy thats red and yellow with a big D on his chest, and some other guy from long time ago I think it was wolf something. They all look like they stole wolverines costume blueprints

  9. Trekkie says:

    Y’know, the complete lack of lower leg on not-Wolverine’s left leg reminds me an awful lot of a couple of brief moments in Terry Gilliam’s ‘dancing cutouts from photos’ animations from Monty Python.

  10. Trekkie says:

    Sorry about that. There seems to be something bizarre going on with my comments and browser.

  11. Kaylin88100 says:

    It’s not just you, Trekkie, it’s happening randomly to everyone’s comments. It seems to be OK now.