30 Characters Challenge #25: Phenokinetic Siyad al Ayad

Phenokinetic Siyad al Ayad can use the power of his mind to change the phenotype of any living organism at will.

6 Responses to 30 Characters Challenge #25: Phenokinetic Siyad al Ayad

  1. Awesome. I’ve never really heard of this kind of superpower.

  2. That’s cuz I made it up! Although after thinking about it I realized it’s basically just “Polymorph Other” 🙁

  3. Avatar Professor Anthrax

    That may be so, but it’s a much snappier sounding “Polymorph Other”!

  4. DEFINITELY COOLER SOUNDING POWER. And the giraffe’s good too.

  5. Love how vibrant the colors are and the different type of power! Each day’s drawing is unique and different from the others! Really cool! Can I claim genius because I’m related to you? Does it work that way? Didn’t think so… Keep ’em coming! Will hate to see the 30 days come to an end!