Character Design Challenge: Squire Random of Randomberg

If this isn't random, I don't know what is.

We haven't done a "random name" character contest in six months, so I think it's about time we revisited this always-fun concept. It's pretty straightforward and a great way to stretch your creative muscles.

Go to the Seventh Sanctum Superhero/Villain Name Generator and choose "10" from the number of names to generate. Leave the other selection boxes at their default and hit "Generate". Your character(s) must be based on one of these generated names. Try your best to limit yourself to one spin of the wheel instead of generating names over and over till you get one you like!

It would also be fun to post your list of ten when you get them, just for grins.

I'll pick my personal favorites when the week is over, with the one I like best being featured in the right column for the week. The rules otherwise are the same as always:

(Click to embiggen.)

No limit on entries this week, so knock yourselves out. Just make them good!

83 Responses to Character Design Challenge: Squire Random of Randomberg

  1. Here’s my list. I’m kind of partial to Scream Child.

    Android Mage
    Cleric Shine
    Clerical Android
    Fang Enchanter
    Gale Shifter
    Magician Chop
    Plant Wind
    Scream Child
    Watt Burn

  2. Beast Root
    Cannon Noble
    Crimson Shifter
    Ethereal Kick
    Icicle Wings
    Jackal Blaze
    Rotting Bee
    Spider Crush
    Yellow Soverign

    Going for Crimson Shifter and/or Icicle Wings.

  3. I made this picture few month ago. But now i don’t know to have time to make entries for this contest. My back problem is coming back, and i really don’t sit a lot in a row.

    Emerald Mistress

  4. I like Archshade, and Kick Assasin.

    Animal Nuke
    Cancel Butterfly
    Fake Spinner
    Hyperion Butterfly
    Kick Assasin
    Sham Killer
    Wood Bomb

  5. Armor Prophet
    Cleric Bomber
    Lightning Sting
    Obsidian Fraud
    Oracle Fool
    Ruby Wolf
    Serpent Trap
    Spear Carapace
    Universe Duke
    Winter Slicer

    I like Armor Prophet and Cleric Bomber a lot

  6. Cygleam
    Fire Caster
    Foot King
    Hornet Panther
    Ice Wave
    Morph Vibe
    Pride Slasher
    Shape Glare
    Spiritual Tide

    Fire Caster and Ice Wave sound good.

  7. Some good ones here…

    Bite Chance



    Photon Kick

    Plant Fighter

    Shadow Runner

    Shiver Illusionist

    Steel Nemesis

    Strike Serpent

    Wing Stabber

  8. I think I can work with these and look forward to it
    Atomic Sapphire
    Bash Crush
    Club Master
    Crush Fusion
    Fission Master
    Fusion Mace
    Girl Basher
    Nuclear Club
    Sapphire Fusion
    Sapphire Nuke

  9. Biological Chaser
    Bite Mentalist
    Cleaver Jest
    Disease Shadow
    Elemental Diviner
    Lightning Dash
    Screaming Hatchet
    Zephyr Vibe

    Think I’m gonna go for Bronzeclad.

  10. Atomishade
    Hunt Lass
    Oceanic Oracle
    Oracle Tempest
    Robot Fish
    Siege Burn
    Snow Sorceror
    Snow Nemesis
    Super Lance

    Couple of possibilities…Robot Fish is calling me

  11. Eat Detonator
    Emerald Enchantress
    Hyperion Lizard
    Kill Knife
    Mage Freezer
    Nemesis Man
    Seed Hornet
    Torch Soldier

    Emerald Enchantress and Nemesis Man sound pretty good, but I definitely like the idea of Eat Detonator, I can see something explosive coming from that one.

  12. My set of ten random names was:
    Brain Vine
    Ice Plastique
    Lynx Panther
    Sea Hand
    Shadow Hatchet
    Shrinking Negator
    Trace Cancellor
    Vermillion Nuke
    Wolf Spook

    And here is the image I came up with. The Sea Hand is a powerful water witch, who can bring the ocean suddenly down on anyone approaching her island home even when the sea seems to be calm and peacefull.

    Lynx Panther and Wolf Spook sound funny, too. Might give them a try later…

  13. Here’s Bronzeclad! It’s funny. I had an idea for a similar superhero named “Midas.” He has metal arms that he uses to fight crime.

  14. He is just over two inches long. He lives in a pink and yellow castle. His best friend is a ceramic skull named Silent Phillip. He is one of the criminal world’s greatest masterminds. He is…Robot Fish!

  15. My list:
    Cat Priest
    Charm Emperor
    Fighter Lass
    Haunt Warrior
    Snow Wing
    Night Cinder
    Droid Piercer
    Hunter Grenade

    I like Droid Piercer, Snow Wing, Night Cinder,Cat Priest and Haunt Warrior…hope I get a chance to do at least one. Inventory at work this week so might not have a lot of time. Good luck to all!

  16. Avatar headlessgeneral

    My list:
    Bomb Beast
    Celestial Smasher
    Emerald Trace
    Freeze Construct
    Gold Lass
    Luck Claw
    Lupine Cascade
    Storm Cyborg
    Velocity Rapier

    Quite a few of these sound cool. I hope to do multiple entries.

  17. Bite Cleric
    My List:
    Indestructable Gut
    Jade Cleave
    Metal Joker
    Prayer Zap
    Purple Shifter
    Rush Fool
    Tornado Fire
    Wave Thrust

  18. My List:
    Bite Cleric
    Indestructable Gut
    Jade Cleave
    Metal Joker
    Prayer Zap
    Purple Shifter
    Rush Fool
    Tornado Fire
    Wave Thrust ***

  19. Animal Bloom – like an algae bloom, but with animals
    Beam Mentalist – could work with that
    Computer Maw – someone with a computer for a mouth, or a computer that has a mouth?
    Cosmic Cleric – possibly awesome
    Highway Visionary – urban planner extraordinaire
    Insect Spike – the vampire, with antennae
    Lucky Joker – I think I’ve already made several pictures of this guy …
    Plant Bee – a new level of adaptation
    Rapid Shifter – also possibly awesome
    Wasp Hornet – is it a Wasp or is it a Hornet? Will YOU get close enough to find out?

  20. I’m at work now, and I can’t access the name generator because the system is blocking it, but I note that Hyperion is showing up amongst the generated names, so I figured I could at least do something tonight to save someone a web search:
    Of course, the time saved will be eaten up in wading through this site, but it might inspire something.
    Short version: Hyperion was a Titan in Greek mythology.
    I’ve heard and read (see, among other things, Hyperion by Dan Simmons, and Marvel’s Hyperion character from the Squadron Sinister/Supreme) the name before, but never quite understood the reference.

  21. djuby:
    He is just over two inches long. He lives in a pink and yellow castle. His best friend is a ceramic skull named Silent Phillip. He is one of the criminal world’s greatest masterminds. He is…Robot Fish!

    Robot Fish is brilliant! Great thinking outside the fish bowl!

  22. Dark Crow
    Decay Siege
    Dirt Smash
    False Sapphire
    Fish Chop
    Fur Bash
    Lie Hornet
    Nebula Cascade
    Oracle Burner

    2nd roll, probably will try to make one each day this week. Wait for allot of comments

  23. All right…

    I really don’t know if I can create any entry for this contest [terrible working period =_=] but I will try…

    And this is my Random List!

    Butterfly Sham
    Hacking Sapphire
    Imperial Child
    Metal Chill
    Poison Priest
    Quick Edge
    Slashing Tornado

    …transbee… TRANSBEE??? O_O

  24. Astral Cancellor
    Carapace Serpent
    Chemical Pacer
    Dark Slash
    Fang Snake
    Glare Panther
    Necrotic Blade
    Stone Assasin
    Vision Count
    … and yeah i am back(when you miss me)

  25. Kytana: … and yeah i am back(when you miss me)

    I definitely missed you!

  26. Emotion Viper
    Fish Bug
    Gloom Freeze
    Highway Jade
    Lucky Hunt
    Nuke Catch
    Shrinking Catch

    I really can’t get Emotion Viper out of my head. It’s the most amazing name ever, but I can’t quite figure out what to do with it. Fish Bug is good, too. Pawvore?

  27. Jeff Hebert: I definitely missed you!

    Oh thanks.
    I try my best and take the stone assasin.

  28. Bark Cinder
    Diviner Paragon
    Armored Shade
    Feline Spider
    Galaxy Time
    Jet Joke
    Scimtar Spark
    Shape Cutlass
    Violet Prophet
    Viper Shine

    i went with Armored Shade

  29. Android Cannon
    Chance Baron
    Fighter Cut
    Glow Slash
    Growing Breeze
    Magic Toad
    Marine Shooter
    Pack Shade
    Talon Hit

  30. This one makes me wish HM had cuffed Safari shorts:

    I’m kinda very proud of this one:

    I like how this one turned out! Back story in the Canis System, a young orphan met up with an Elemental wolf. Time skip 10 years
    and the boy has undergone a number Cybernetic replacements.
    I give you Bolt Wolf:

    The young daughter of the Native American’s god Raven
    -Raven Child:

    I think this has a very reaper esk quality to it.

  31. Here’s my list:
    Amethyst Master
    Bird Spawn
    Chance Chop
    Dirt Hatchet
    Electric Glow
    Robot Driver
    Water Breed

    I chose 70’s hero Electrocannon. Nothing says 70’s like a hairy chest, thigh-high boots, and high-neck collar. And what in the world is that…does he have a gun for an arm…that’s unbelievable!

  32. Here’s another from my list: Robot Driver

    A rich philanthropist superhero reprograms a robot from the future into his personal assistant.

  33. Here was my list…

    Armored Shamaness
    Axe Chopping
    Delusion Fighter
    Night Wave
    Spear Sham
    Track Bash
    Venom Catcher

    I chose Axe Chopping…
    Originally to be a Smartypants but I’m actually quite proud of this one….

    Axe Chopping…. Psychic Lumberjack and his possessed Axe Choppy

  34. From this list:
    Amethyst Conjurer
    Brain Gal
    Cloud Beast
    Earth Enchanter
    Lance Visionary
    Scimtar Master
    Tempest Dolphin
    Tide Nuke

    Here’s Amethyst Conjurer

    And Tempest Dolphin

  35. The day her old life was flushed away, her new life began. Rescued by a cockroach known only as Andre, her beautiful scales fortified, her delicate fins replaced by razor sharp metal, she became the world’s first tropical fish assassin. Now sharing a tiny multi-coloured treasure chest with a crab named Brent, she awaits Andre’s orders. She is as deadly as she is beautiful. She is Robot Fish 2.0

  36. Entry #2

    A man who must keep his eyes covered, for his gaze can summon up frigid storms. He is… Blizzard Vision.

  37. Robot Fish 3

    Before the assimilation of his tank, Murray’s dream was to play in the NFL. Now his designation is 7 of 3.6 million. Refishtance is futile…

  38. Well… I hope to make more of them, but my time for creating is very short… T_T

    So, there are my first two:

    Hacking Shappire


  39. OK, the first one for this round: Crimson Gal, the sidekick of Golden Age superhero the Crimson Avenger, who I just invented. I tried to give her a kind of 1940’s look:

  40. Also and old one. And also find the name in the Seventh Sanctum.

    Negative Blade

    Really old, i made for when i use the Tarkabarka.

  41. Next up is Steel Slice. He’s a modern day superpowered samurai, who uses a mystical sword that can cut through anything. Here, he’s taken out an enemy chopper with only his blade:

  42. Here’s another one… Not as proud of this one but still for smartypantsing reasons…

    Venom Catcher

  43. My list
    Fight Dolphin
    Ghost Raptor
    Lupine Rock
    Mirage Queen
    Nuke Tiger
    Poison Bee
    Scream Strike
    Spider Giggle

    I chose Cyfortune

  44. djuby:
    Robot Fish 3

    Before the assimilation of his tank, Murray’s dream was to play in the NFL. Now his designation is 7 of 3.6 million. Refishtance is futile…

    Love the whole series.


    I chose the first one from my list:

    Amethyst Swimmer
    Biological Paw
    Cyborg Slicer
    Iron Trap
    Knife Net
    Shaman Glare
    Shield Draft
    Steel Slicer
    Titanium Wind

  46. Avatar Alexander of Limbo

    My List:
    Astral Fortune
    Cut Hornet
    Cybernetic Howler
    Hunt Flame
    Orange Diviner
    Plastique Beam
    Slicing Vibe
    Stone Star

    I chose to do this one first: Cut Hornet!!!

  47. Another from my list: Vermillionia

    The elf goddess who oversees the passage of summer into autumn, and of life into death.

  48. First entry:
    Atop his faithful mount Percival, the mighty hero Tiny Axe metes out justice to evildoers everywhere!

  49. My next, maybe last entry is incomplete. Something went screwy when I tried to do something with the backgrounds and I couldn’t seem to edit it anymore. Don’t worry, Jeff, those glitches are very rare in Hero Machine these days! 🙂

    Anyway, it was just a funny one I put out there, so it wasn’t a serious contender. So, please imagine a nice background and funny word balloon… 🙂 It’s “Blessed Wasp,” a name so goofy I had to do something with it:

  50. I got a bunch, but i lost the list, it included:

    Ruby Fire
    Royal Fighter
    Goddess Sting
    Imperial Sting

    and some others I forget.
    I did Imperial Sting

  51. Another from my list. Lass? Really? Did a sort of ’40s Scottish Pin Up vibe. Lass?

  52. Avatar Reptron Magnus

    Crow Gleam
    Cut Panther
    Hit Eagle
    Obsidian Crush
    Pride Spark
    Vine Melt

    A few of these sparked instant ideas.

    Hit Eagle. Simple, but fun.

    Pyrohawk may just be one of the coolest name combos ever.

    Sonicascade was really fun to create. Might be my best scene picture.

    Tried going for Mechashadow, but I couldn’t get my idea right.

  53. Thanks to all the people who helped confirm what I thought on OCD, I have taken their advice and moved the color down the legs!

  54. Avatar Rusty Shackeford

    From this list….

    Beam Amphibian
    Broil Tracer
    Dark Whale
    Ember God
    Fire Chiller
    Fusion Snake
    Gigantic Snare
    Maw Siege
    Red Trap

    I chose Tempusscreamer

  55. Avatar The Atomic Punk

    Attack Track: “Bad, Mr. Whiskers! No outside for you anymore!”

  56. Carapace Cut
    Cyan Cat
    Dirt Lie
    Galaxy Blazer
    Jackal Kill
    Knife Blast
    Lucky Cannon
    Shaman Frost
    Tide Hand

    In the year 384583466, the mission to Ghy44 discovered life not smart enough to hide from humanity. Veb, our xenobiologist, said it looked like one of the machines used in Earth’s distant past. A ‘Cat.’ He also said the local fauna tend to have blue hides and green eyes because of their cyanide-based metabolism. He dubbed it ‘the Cyan Cat,’ and said it likes caves like this one very much. Seven metric tons or so.

  57. Avatar The Atomic Punk

    Joke Trace: One sick clown

  58. Amethyst Man
    Bash Blast
    Fang Charmer
    Jade Stabber
    Marine Eagle
    Mechanism Smasher
    Shine Cutter
    Thunder Crush

    My entry: Marine Eagle
    Sergeant Aquila of Marine Corps was one of the most brilliant scout and assassin during the war in the Pacific during World War II. He became the terror of the Japanese, the shadow of the jungle, the hawk swooping down on its prey, the eagle symbol of American power.

    Title: Stone assasin sketch
    I want it dark so in color it isnt good.

  60. Cancel Lass
    Glare Bombadier
    God Shine
    Nuke Deluder
    Radioactive Hurricane
    Sea Blizzard
    Spiritual Spark

    I’m leaning towards Nuke Deluder…