Mythical creatures, 1942 edition

(From "Captain Courageous" number 6, 1942.)

6 Responses to Mythical creatures, 1942 edition

  1. RabbiJoe says:

    I knew Corey Booker was really a superhero!

  2. punkjay says:

    Wow! I think Captain Courageous needs a diaper change!

  3. The Atomic Punk says:

    “Ever hear of the Black Mayor?”

    “No, but I see a… ahhh… uhhh… Look, I really don’t know what I see standing in front of me.”

  4. Frevoli says:

    never mind that – Starro are invading!

  5. Frevoli says:

    Aqualad called – he wants his pants back

  6. ams says:

    …..she ain’t what she used to be!