META: Guest posts

I just wanted to note that Andrew Hines, aka McKnight57, has graciously consented to do the occasional (or even, regular!) guest post 'round these parts about current comics. Be sure to give him a warm HeroMachine community welcome!

9 Responses to META: Guest posts

  1. Avatar TOOL says:

    Ello govna

  2. Avatar mcknight57 says:

    Actually, Current Comics is the name of my local comic shop. Just thrown’ that out there.

  3. Avatar Herr D says:

    yum yum

  4. Avatar Sebastian978 says:

    Congrats McKnight57

  5. Avatar Myro says:

    I generally like your reviews McKnight. This should he a good addition to the blog.

  6. Avatar mcknight57 says:

    I generally like your reviews McKnight.This should he a good addition to the blog.

    Thanks, I try to add a bit of humor and pop culture references to my reviews. Good to know I’m doing something right. Currently in the middle of my Aquaman review. Also, scroll down the main page for my Green Lantern review.

  7. Avatar ProwlerKnight says:

    awesome McKnight


    I had idea for each Vs poll, since people always come up with great points and ideas if somebody could after each Poll write up like a short story of each fight, the victor being the one who has the most votes or the writers person favorite, idk just and idea lol


  8. ams ams says:

    Great to see some comic reviews, Andrew. So far you have pick to books that I love to follow from month to month. If your next review is on Earth 2, then I’m convinced we share the same brain. Cheers!

  9. ams ams says:

    to = two…oops!