Pop Quiz 14 Winner

Thanks to all who entered our Jewelry Pop Quiz! Here they all are in one easy to browse place:

Obviously there are some great entries here, though some I don't really think of as "jewelry". Since I can pick only a single winner, however, I am going with one that I thought best combined creativity, beauty, and elegance. Namely, Vampyrist!

Well done! Thanks again to everyone who entered and congratulations to Vampyrist.

11 Responses to Pop Quiz 14 Winner

  1. Avatar TOOL says:

    Congrats Vampyrist, I missed this contest. Yesterday was my sons 3rd B day, we had lots of fun. See you guys next time!

  2. Congrats, Vampyrist!

    I enjoy the Pop Quiz format. Even though my past two entries did not meet the criteria, it’s great brain exercise.

  3. Avatar Kaylin88100 says:

    Congrats, Vampyrist. Yours was one of the four or five I had pegged to win, and I was right 😀

    In case anyone’s interested, my other choices were FRM, Harlequin, maniacmick and NHA247.

  4. Avatar Vampyrist says:

    This is a happy surprise. I woke up, gave out father’s day gift, and saw this. Needless to say, I was both shocked and enthused. Thank you everyone. There were so many great entrants, Harlequin, FRM, and so many more that were all fantastic.

    Jeff, for my prize, I’d like to request a portrait of myself to be placed in Heromachine. I’ll e-mail the photo to you later today or tomorrow.

    Thank you all once again, for your kind words.

  5. Avatar Harlequin says:

    Gratulate for everyone, and especially Vampyrist, and thanks the honoraly mention from Kaylin and Vampyrist.

  6. Avatar Myro says:

    Congrats Vampyrist.

  7. Avatar ryan says:

    congrats vampyrist

  8. Avatar Trekkie says:

    Congrats Vampyrist! Great entry. There were so lots of really impressive entries this time.

  9. Avatar dblade says:

    Great work, Vampyrist! And everyone else too!

  10. Avatar Herr D says:

    congratulations, Vam. Jeff? I like this mode of display. My schedule is temp. changing AGAIN. I’m already missing out, not able to spend the time I’d like . . . I hope it’s a short operational change. I may be only in fiction for a bit. :<

  11. Avatar The Eric says:

    Wow, some of these are so cool i may need them as custom items. Great stuff, all.