I shall call it … television!

(From "Target Comics" volume 2, number 1, 1941.)

7 Responses to I shall call it … television!

  1. I wasn’t aware Jersey Shore had come out this early.

  2. Are they carrying giant canteens on their backs?

  3. “You’re getting SLEEPY . . . you will take my commands . . . Pay defense contractors on time tho they are late. . . “

  4. Went forward in time to bring back the ultimate weapon…. Reruns of Jersey Shore!

  5. Avatar ProwlerKnight

    “…And we shall shape this weapon into a gigantic (insert expletive here) with wheels!!”

  6. haha. I was gonn’a say, they can do stuff like that now with sound. The military created a weapon that can “momentarily” impair people just by using different sound frequencies. Crazy.

  7. With this invention of “Television” we will torture our enemies with the most horrible thing possible. A marathon of all of Eddie Murphys movies!