I recommend getting a teenaged boy sidekick

(From "Target Comics" number 12, 1941.)

5 Responses to I recommend getting a teenaged boy sidekick

  1. Yeah, right. If he was that over her, that train would still be on the rails.

  2. This comic needs to stop recording my thoughts from when I was a teenager. I know I thought this exact thing when I was younger to rationalize my hesitation to talk to a girl I was afraid would reject me.

  3. Not me, Spacehawk. True, I’d never see her again, but, I wouldn’t forget about it.

    Spacehawk continuing his thoughts….Onward to that hole in the other comic.

  4. Frankie’s right. Regrets like that can haunt. Most heroes apparently don’t have wisdom as a power.

  5. Aw, come on, Spacehawk. Have some confidence. If not in yourself, then in the giant vibrator you’re flying around in.