Yes, please, put him out of his misery

(From "Blue Bolt" number 10, 1941.)

7 Responses to Yes, please, put him out of his misery

  1. I want to tell all the Straight ladies and gay men, if your boyfreind looks like this, for the love of all things holy, TRADE UP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!

  2. By the way, this was drawn by the King, Jack Kirby. No lie.

  3. Early, *early* Kirby. We all gotta start somewhere!

  4. Don’t judge– he might be a very …nice… man.

  5. YES, PLEASE, PUT HIM OUT OF HIS MISERY–Yup, that will have to be the only solution, Jeff. I don’t think punching him in the mouth is going to help this guy.

  6. Avatar spidercow2012

    Was Kirby about 7 years old at the time and drawing with the wrong hand? Underwater?

  7. Bitter beer face!