Caption Contest 118: Going to the dogs

Your challenge this week is to come up with the best replacement dialog for this comics panel (which comes to us courtesy of the always awesome Glenn3's "Say What?" PhotoBucket site):

The best entry (as judged by yours truly) wins the author's choice of either any item they like or any portrait to be included in HeroMachine 3′s final release, or a custom black and white “Sketch of the Day” style illustration (you pick the subject, I draw it however I like).

All entries must be left as a comment (or comments) to this post. Keep ‘em clean (appropriate for a late-night broadcast TV show), but most importantly, keep ‘em funny!

No limit to entries, but please, self-edit and only put up ones you genuinely think are funny!

74 Responses to Caption Contest 118: Going to the dogs

  1. “How. Great Bear. You see Kimosabe?”

  2. That’s fine, now we’ll just sneak you into Ol’ McDonald’s farm!

  3. “Easy there, boy. You haven’t seen a bear around these parts, have you?”

  4. “What’s that? You say that waskawy wabbit is on the woof?”

  5. “I believe bow wow is the proper sound mr. bear”
    “ahh! it’s a species-confused bear! run away!”

  6. Who Let the dogs out

    Whats that boy? Timmy fell down the old mine shaft.

    I’m sorry dog, have you seen any bears?

    Now thats’ just Speciest

  7. “Who let the dogs out?!?”

  8. “That’s not what I had expected to find out about what bears do in the woods.”

  9. Quack! Quack!

    The Scouts didn’t mention this at all!

  10. 1) You win the prize for ugliest dog ever!
    2) You can’t fool me! Come get your fish Mr. Whiskers!
    3) So there’s a ventriloquist dog round here somewhere?
    4) Looks like mama bear dropped you a few too many times there Smokey!
    5) Easy on the hotdogs Yogi, you’re starting to become one!

  11. 6) The last thing I ate actually sound like this: Moo…moo!

  12. 1: Don’t eat me, I’m a puppet! See the strings?
    2: That’s a great Lassie! Now do Rin-Tin-Tin!
    3; What’s this about a pick-a-nick basket?
    4: We have a bear AND a dog for Toy Story 4. What else can you play?
    5: Wow! That’s a HUGE gold nugget you’re carrying there!
    6: That’s SHERIFF Woof-Woof to you, varmint!
    7: Good disguise, Tonto, but you need to work on your accent!
    8: What do you mean, red pants are gay?
    9: TWO wolves, you say?
    10: Dang! You et muh dawg!
    11: Meow! Purrrrrr!

  13. “What’s that? You’re saying Timmy has fallen in a well? Good girl!”

  14. “Chichi? CHIIIICHIIII!”

  15. “I now command you to cluck like a chicken!”

    “The editors of this issue need to be fired!”

    “Who spiked the honey tree again?”

    “Good boy! Now what does a cat say?”

  16. “What is it, Dogbear? Granpa’s trapped under this giant banana?”

  17. Don’t eat me! Please! I’m BEGGIN’!

  18. “It’s times like these that I wish I had a pet honey badger…”

  19. 1) Stan! Kyle! I’ve found me a man-bear-dog!

  20. Black Griffin:

    Now thats’ just Speciest

    I like this one and think it could win, but you need to correct the spelling to get the credit: “speciesist”.

  21. it’s a bear it’s a dog it’s a, bog? or is it a dear?

  22. I have finally found you manbearpig

  23. “I love lamp.”

  24. sorry i’m new here,|
    can you tell me how to share my creations ?
    thanks you before

  25. “Lassie! Take off that disguise, it doesn’t become you.”

  26. 1. “Sparky, you in there?”

    2. “Yer a bear, not a dog ya durn varmit!”

    3. “A dog that looks like a bear? PT Barnum will pay me a fortune for ’em!”

  27. 1. “What’s that Lassie? Timmy got eaten by a bear, and you’re trying to rescue him?”

  28. 1: “Now do I play dead, or tell IT to play dead?”
    2: “Lassie? You in there?”
    3: “Meow Meow”
    4: “So yer the one who ate my dog whistle!”

  29. Alphaalpharomeo Alphaalpharomeo

    Wow a bilingual bear

  30. 1. WTF!!
    2. I can’t “Bear” impressions!
    3. I need to stay off the moonshine!
    4. That’s either a barking bear or I am barking mad!

  31. Alphaalpharomeo Alphaalpharomeo

    How can I shoot something that barks? Damn Old Yeller Syndrome

  32. Dang! I knew I shoulda brung peanut butter!

  33. “I was THIS close to bein’ scared Ben.”

  34. Awright! No more liquor for me!

    I gotta stop smoking that stuff Kemosabe gave me…

    Holy crap it’s a BOG!!

    Holy crap it’s a DEAR!!

  35. “Great Scott, the bear swallowed ol’Red alive. I must find a way to free him.”
    “I’ve heard of people sounding horse, but I have never heard of a bear sounding dog.”
    “The animals in this forest sure are acting strange,first it was a rabbit humping my leg, now it’s a bear barking at me.”
    “What’s that boy? We’re not in Kansas anymore!”
    “I knew I should have packed the honey pot shaped dog treats.”
    “That bear has woofing cough.”

  36. Avatar Gabe Puratekuta

    “What’s that girl? Timmy’s playing with dark magic again?”
    “That voice synthesizer works perfectly! It sounds just kike a dog!”
    “Whoa, bad trip!”
    “I’m…..gonna go now…”
    “Billy, did you put the dog’s brain into a bear again?”
    “How the hell did I get into the Twilight Zone?”
    “AHHH!! A BUGBEAR!!”
    “Ha ha. Very funny, George.”
    “You have GOT to be kidding me!”
    “I’m not giving you a treat for jumping into a bear’s stomach!”

  37. STaudy, it’s pretty simple.

    First, use the Export button in HM3 to get a JPG or PNG of your character. Make sure to name it something sensible, preferably .jpg/png. So something like STaudy-SuperSandwich.jpg.

    Second, upload it to a file sharing site like,, Facebook, or even the forums here on this site. They usually have a “Direct Link” or “Share This Photo” box with a link in it — copy that.

    Finally, make a comment on the contest post with that link and your character name in it.

    If you just want to share something you made in general without being part of a contest, you still need to post it to a sharing site like in the first two steps, but you could then put it on the UGO Forums or here on these forums or on the HeroMachine Facebook page.

  38. “I didn’t know you was bilingual Ben”

  39. “Nice! I just scored a big-ass woofer for my mustang.”

  40. 1) Gaw-DAM they sure grow em dogs BIG in these parts!
    2) Dm I think the pages in the monster manual are stuck together again.
    3) quit yer bitching, bear.

    This is from Zorro, the gay blade:
    Tax Collector: I beg your mercy from- from your flashing blade, and—
    Tax Collector: Ooooh! Oh my God! — also from your hideous dog!

  41. “What? Yes, this is Dog.”

    (in case of “huh?”, here you go:

  42. 2) Um, oink, oink? I’m not sure I understand the rules of this game….

  43. 1. Meow, meow! How’d I do? Do I need more throat?
    2. Smokey, I told you! It’s “Grrrr!”, not “Woof!”
    3. Whoa! When I said dog breath I didn’t mean literally!
    4. You know, Smokey, I know this nice psychiatrist that can help you with your problem.
    5. Yogi, I know you like pick-a-nick baskets but you don’t have to beg for it!
    6. Here boy! Get the bone!
    7. You know, now I think of it, bow-wow might work better…

  44. Edit for Post 6: Now that’s just Speciesist

    (it wont let me edit my original post, and thanks Whit. I knew something was off about my spelling)

  45. Alphaalpharomeo Alphaalpharomeo

    I always wondered…….does a bear poop dog in the woods?

  46. Alphaalpharomeo Alphaalpharomeo


  47. Okay i got some more,

    You won’t fool me Yogi!


    Okay, no more of the meds

    Yep…I have gone insane

    we all know that possibly dblade will win this one so I say CHEEP CHEEP!

  48. Who let the bears out?

  49. 8. Okay, I know the pants are a bit tight but I’m not THAT happy to see you!
    9. Are you annoyed? You look annoyed. Let me get you a nice fat buck.
    10. You know, you remind me of my third wife…
    11. Now that’s what I call a hair-raising experience!!!
    12. It’s “Who let the BEARS out! Not DOG…”
    13. Look! I know I smell but you don’t have to be RUDE about it!
    14. Show me where Timmy is, Lassie! That’s a good bear!
    15. I did NOT eat that whole picnic basket! It was the ants!

  50. As an aside, I’m so jealous of Black Griffin, who came out first with the ever-popular “Who let the dogs out?”. That was the first thing I thought of.

  51. 7) Don’t look at me! It was Boo Boo that stole your pic-a-nic basket!
    8) What’s that Mr Bear-dog? You want to play fetch with me?
    9) Damn, no one around to outrun…
    10) Tweet-tweet!
    11) You’re clearly not Scooby-Doo.
    12) What’s that? Only I can prevent forest fires?

  52. 13) Clearly I shouldn’t have mixed the mushrooms and moonshine.
    14) What’s that? You want to sing Bear Necessities?
    15) Wait, what?! You ran away from the circus on a unicycle?

  53. 1. This don’t make a lick of sense!

    2. What in tarnation was in that peace pipe?

  54. Wow, that was some good peyoti

  55. 3. Dagnabit! Rob, you were supposed to draw a dog! Couldn’t yah handle the feet?

  56. Really? That’s the best you can do? Now I’ll never get on LOLDogs!

  57. Wait, that there’s dogspeak for “pass the salt….”

  58. “Dag-nabbit! Every time a bear ‘woofs’, a cowboy falls from the sky.”

  59. 1)I CAN’T STOP HERE…this is bear country.

  60. 1. This is why I don’t always drink beer… or smoke ganja… or huff paint…

    2. Jimmy? Jimmy Logan?

    3. Two “woofs” means you are not going to eat me, right?

    4. Try again. This time with feeling!

    5. Yeah, that’s Lady Gaga for ya.

    6. Oh, poop.

  61. Who let the circus bear out again?

  62. “…sit?”

  63. 2 “Hey, want to go for a car ride, boy? Yeah? Want to go for a ride?”

  64. “I immediately regret this decision!”

    “It’s Man-Bear-Pig’s cousin, Dog-Bear!”

    “What is it, Chewie? Luke’s gotten himself stuck in the vaporator again! Oh no, we must do something!”

    “Thank me after you get out of there! This rock weighs more than your mother!”

    “Not sure if bear impersonating a dog…or just a rather large dog…”(look up futurama fry, if you wish to see this in context)

    “Did you find Tonto, Barry?”

    “It’s times like these that I wish this wasn’t an elaborately crafted walking stick made to look like a gun…”


    “Lassie? Lassie?! How could you you monster! You said you only wanted to live inside of me!”

  66. “Oh don’t worry they said. What’s the worst that can happen if you leave Fido alone with that grizzly? they said.”

  67. 1)”What do you mean, ‘you’re inside’?
    2)”What? i knew i shouldnt have given the bear Scooby snacks!”
    3)”I knew i should have shot that mad scientist when i had the chance!”
    4)”I think he and the dog are getting along quite nicely.”

  68. Avatar MartianBlue

    1. scusi, mi scusi
    2. yup, we’re definetly somewhere in Europe
    3. Dog Gone! Frank, Dog, he gone
    4. Into the belly of the beast, it was a metaphor dumb dog! Dang!

  69. A bear that barks! This’ll make one rich youngun! Vegas,’re we come!

  70. “Hey, I am looking for…a clean pair of pants.”

  71. 1. Yeeeeeeah, you’re not fooling anybody.

  72. The art in this cartoon is un-bear-able!

  73. 3. “These are our best disguises yet, Brain. Now, let’s go help Uncle Gadget!”

    If you.haven’t seen Inspector Gadget (preferably the cartoon TV show, and not the lame live-action movies), then this isn’t going to make a lick of sense to you.

  74. SHUT UP LASSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!