Tori Spelling is OLD, yo

(From "Blue Bolt" number 2, 1940.)

10 Responses to Tori Spelling is OLD, yo

  1. Dionne Jinn says:

    Why is this panel here twice with two different titles?

  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    Did I do this one twice? Oy. My apologies.

  3. Jeff Hebert says:

    Oh, I see — I forgot I scheduled it yesterday to run today, so this morning when I woke up WAY too early to get on the flight I did it again. Apologies

  4. Jadebrain says:

    I don’t get it… Are you commenting on the spelling of Tory being incorrect? Because it’s spelled correctly in the panel. “Tory” was a singular noun used to describe an individual belonging to the Tory political party (plural, of course, is Tories). If I remember correctly, it was the Whigs vs. the Tories during that time, and (someone correct me if I’m wrong) the Whigs were in favor of a constitutional monarchy as opposed to absolute power for the King, and the Tories were in favor of more power for the king. The American Revolutionaries sometimes referred to themselves as Whigs, as they would see themselves as allies of the Whig party in Great Britain, because the Whigs were in opposition to King George III. Consequently, if I recall correctly, those in America who wanted continued British rule referred to themselves as Tories.

  5. Jeff Hebert says:

    Look, it was late in the week, I was tired, and Tory-Tori (implying Tori Spelling was alive in the Revolutionary War) was the best I could do.

    This was from a comic about the Revolution, yes. Thanks for destroying what minuscule amount of humor was in this attempt 🙂

  6. X-stacy says:

    Well, I thought it was funny.

    (Of course, one of my favorite movies is Jesus Christ Vampire Slayer, so it’s possible I just have low standards.)

  7. X-stacy says:

    Gorram it. That’s “Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter“, of course. Naturally I didn’t realize I’d screwed up until the window to edit had closed. *sigh*

  8. spidercow2012 says:

    Jadebrain, Jadebrain…It’s the OLD Tory spelling. No one is wrong.

    By the way, that Tori is wearing a really ugly whig.

  9. Jadebrain says:

    I must say, I’ve never heard of this “Tori Spelling.” Then again, I’m not very familiar with a lot of famous people… I just googled “Tori Spelling,” and now I know that she is an actress. Sorry for my lack of knowledge ruining your joke.

  10. Jeff Hebert says:

    It was a pretty bad joke, believe me — the fault is entirely mine.