Extreme Home Makeover, Nazi Edition

(From "Banner Comics" number 3, 1941.)

11 Responses to Extreme Home Makeover, Nazi Edition

  1. Amateur! Samson doesn’t even need an excuse to tear down a building.

  2. His iris is a blue Pac-Man.

    Also, when I see “tear” right next to an eye, I think it rhymes with “year.”

  3. Notice that it’s taken from “Banner Comics”… I’m suprised he doesn’t say “smash puny nazis!”

  4. Well, there’s nothing for it. Once you’ve got a Nazi infestation, only total destruction will do.

  5. so why did you let the Nazis get there in the first place , genius?!

  6. Avatar William A. Peterson

    Hey, you know those sneaky Nazis and their stealthy Ninja tanks… They’ll just let themselves in anywhere, and never even bother asking the local Heroes if it’s okay!

  7. RedSkull: My good Captain America, would you kindly let me take over this skyscraper?
    CaptainAmerica: Why, certainly, my Nazi enemy(numbskull)!
    RedSkull: and please book a ticket for my minion, Baron Zemo!


  8. Dude, are you auditioning for the Blair Witch Project?

  9. Frankie:
    Dude, are you auditioning for the Blair Witch Project?

    what’s that?

  10. Ty Pennington’s dream come true. And then he’ll erect a more expensive skyscrapper for the Nazis just so their property taxes go up and their forced out of the building within a few years.

  11. FRM: what’s that?

    It’s a horror movie, supposedly “found footage.” Lots of close ups of people’s nostrils while they monologue about how scared they are.