This one time, at super-hero band camp …

(From "The Green Mask" number 10, 1944.)

7 Responses to This one time, at super-hero band camp …

  1. Time for you to “bow” out. There’s no “resin” for you to keep fighting. This “case” is closed, you’re “plucked.”

    (Why, yes, I used to play violin, but I’m not so tough anymore)

  2. I thought playing the violin usually got you beat up at school. Who thought not playing would get you beat up as an adult?

  3. Warning: this cartoon contains scenes of violins, viewer discretion is advised.

  4. “…Because now you can’t deafen me with your awful playing!”

    Also, I wonder what the name of the guy getting beaten up is? The Purple Suit?

  5. “But it’s just a hobby. I’m not a professioal”

    Also, that’s some pretty bad lettering. I didn’t know what that word was at first. yioun? Turns out it was violin.

    Also,(again) what’s he hitting him with? A Goldfish Cracker?

  6. It’s a fiddle boy. He just beat up Johnny down in Georgia when all Johnny was doing was sawin’ on a fiddle and playin’ it hot. Guess he didn’t see who was jumpin up on that hickory stump with the golden fiddle.

  7. Because if he did have his violin, look out! He could call down a hoard of mice with a special tune to devour you.