"Not until I beat you to death with your leg here, that is!"

(From "The Green Mask" number 7, 1941.)

14 Responses to "Not until I beat you to death with your leg here, that is!"

  1. Ha ha! …Out of context.

  2. Is she sure? Because it looks like he got run over by a car, and that she’s trying to get him free by pulling him out by the leg.

  3. Avatar William A. Peterson

    I think she’s pulling out of the car, through the door, not out from under the car…

  4. Or should it be: “Keep quite Peters! You’re not dying yet?”

  5. 4. Rich Willett: ???β€œKeep quite Peters! You’re not dying yet?” The spelling is right, but yours isn’t.

    examples: be quiet, not quite yet, quit while you are ahead.

  6. Je-eff! Did you forget the Power User Profile again? πŸ™

  7. I didn’t have anyone lined up for this week, Kaylin. My apologies.

  8. He’s already dead lady, don’t you hear him making ghost noises?

  9. Any new items on the horizan??

  10. I mean “horizon”.

  11. New item creation has been frozen for a while, excepting whatever dblade and others send, and obviously contest prizes. The next thing is converting Left to Right items, which will be happening in a rush in the next couple of weeks.

    My time at the moment is being taken up with some big stuff going on behind the scenes, so work on the program has been slow.

  12. Thanks for the update and hope everything works in your favor! Cheers!

  13. Did antone else notice the extrmely ticked off look she has while yanking that leg? Jeff’s healine is so right, she’s gonna beat Peters to death with their own leg.

  14. Quit ye cryin, tis a flesh wound LOL