That's right, we fight for MAN boobs!

(From "Airboy" number 11, 1945.)

5 Responses to That's right, we fight for MAN boobs!

  1. “Crazy Uncle Samurai”, really?

  2. The plot, if I may call it that, in this story is that the Jersey Shore guy learned that Americans fight for Uncle Sam, so he’s going to produce anti-Uncle Sam propaganda by doing his “Uncle Samurai” send-up. Then he’ll distribute the flyers making fun of Uncle Sam to US soldiers, destroying their morale.

    Yeah. It was WWII, you have to expect a certain level of inanity where the US’ enemies are concerned.

  3. Shoulda been called “Crazy Uncle Sumo.” Also, I’m pretty sure we had more than enough posters and probably some other photos of Uncle Sam by then. I mean, unless they were planning on showing us his naughty bits and turning him into “Creepy Uncle Sam.”

  4. Ah yes, WWII enemy propaganda. “While you fight us overseas, your wives are back home making love to American movie stars Clark Gable and Mickey Mouse.”

  5. Avatar hyperanthropos

    The idea is not that ridiclous, really. (Okay, this one is.)^^
    Still, the power of propaganda is often underestimated.