Dealing with "The Help", Old Testament style

(From "Spectacular Feature" number 11, 1950.)

5 Responses to Dealing with "The Help", Old Testament style

  1. While I’m relieved her anachronistic Art Deco palace isn’t being consumed by flames, make no mistake, there is a fire…and its burning vibrantly in her loins for one Samson Quillip Feldman!

  2. ‘Twas the raven softly rapping, softly tapping at her door.

  3. See, we can tell this is Biblical Samson, and not the Golden Age comic book hero Samson, otherwise she’d be saying “see who has ripped the door off its hinges and is currently punching holes in the wall.”

  4. Also, whoever wrote this needs to learn basic grammar and punctuation. I spy improper use of commas.

  5. Who knew Delilah was a cyborg? Watch out Samson, she’ll cut off your hair with her Terminator right hand!