Today in Comics Etiquette

(From "Red Seal" number 14, 1941? This whole issue was strangely labeled so I'm not sure on either the name or the year.)

13 Responses to Today in Comics Etiquette

  1. Myro says:

    You shouldn’t throw bullets at anyone. They are designed to be shot from a gun. It’s way more efficient that way.

  2. Brad says:

    I has the lawls.

  3. Watson Bradshaw says:

    so all those “will you go out with me” bullets have been a waste of time?

  4. ams says:

    But smoking someone in the back of the head with a gun is okay!

  5. Blackjack says:

    This talk of throwing boquets only makes me look at my ring and go all loopy again. You guys are a bad (but happy!) influence.

    Thanks again to anyone I may have missed congratulating us on our engagement! 😀

  6. Trekkie says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot that you’re supposed to throw bullets instead of shooting them from a gun!

  7. Brad says:

    Oh, congrats Blackjack! Sorry if I’m late >_<

  8. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Congrats Blackjack, I didn’t hear the news. remember that old tradition of throwing a handful of bullets at the single girls at the reception.

  9. Sutter_Kaine says:


  10. X-stacy says:

    Is that really the noise you make when you’re getting pistol-whipped? He sounds more like he’s sneezing. Or singing Werewolves of London.

  11. Frankie says:

    “AAAH OOO GAA!” I think he hit him with a horn.

  12. Brad says:

    X-Stacy wins 6 internets for the Warren Zevon reference!

  13. punkjay says:

    Wow date advice from Zorro, you should be flattered!