If that's their guardian, Mermea's screwed

(From "Weird Comics" number 5, 1940.)

9 Responses to If that's their guardian, Mermea's screwed

  1. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    welcome to Mooby burger can I take your order?


  2. Hey, at least he’s a HAPPY guardian! 🙂

  3. ……..We’re doomed, dommed i tells ya. Go get the mutated baby out of here and give them the treasure cause we’re screwed!

  4. Avatar Patriot_Missile

    Mermean Huge Gates ROOOL! Let’s rool.

  5. Mermean guardian: “Friennnd? Wanna watch Snorrrks?”

    Are the huge gates rooling back a gigantic monster as the Mermean guardian emerges?

  6. “Release the Kraken!”
    “Sir, we don’t have a Kraken. We have that.”

  7. Avatar spidercow2010

    LOL, Myro

  8. “Hey Kids! It’s time for the Mermea Cartoon Hour! Hyuk!”

  9. Mermea looks like someone put a face on a cancerous tumor and called it a character. Weird Comics is apply named!