This one time, at band camp …

(From "Eagle Comics" number 2, 1941.)

7 Responses to This one time, at band camp …

  1. Man, I owe you. I will die for you. I will KILL for you. *hushed tones* Please let me kill for you.

  2. The correct response is: “Cool. Wait, could that apply to a COD: Black Ops game every now and then?”

  3. Orange shirt : Why don’t you come hang out at my place, tonights naked twisted night.

    Blue shirt : Im sorry I can’t, I have this gay hate group I have to host tonight. Say, maybe we could come by sometime when your not too busy.

  4. Who ealse tbinks this looks like the
    auditions for the construction worker for the village people.

  5. Well sir iam bunking (in a hushed tone) alone….

  6. I have never before realized the intrinsic funniness of the

  7. …hushed tone.