Aye, it's $0.99 Fish Tacos for us all, huzzah!

(From "Long John Silver" number 30, 1956. I hope they have Long John Silver's fast-food restaurants where you are, or this joke makes no sense.)

8 Responses to Aye, it's $0.99 Fish Tacos for us all, huzzah!

  1. Don’t fret yerself, lad. Yer old captain, he gets the joke, he does. Now scurry down below and fetch me a pint o’ grog like a good lad.

  2. Y’know, I had some pretty decent material lined-up about regional jokes; a quip about Carl’s Jr for our West Coast friends, followed by a question regarding fast-food franchises existing in Canada and England…

    However, after a minute into writing it my Spidey-sense got a tinglin’. Is it just me or does “fish taco” come across as a sexual euphemism?


  3. It’s how I read it Joshua. But then my mind lives in the gutter so…

  4. “T’is not a fair wind you be feeling. But, a foul wind from me blow hole. Yar!”

  5. I read it the innocent way first, though that might just be because Long John’s is my favorite fast food place…

  6. I ate at Long John Silver’s once. Didn’t do it for me. Maybe some of the other items are better, but, I was pretty underwhelmed.

  7. It’s a good thing I didn’t write any “seamen” jokes.

  8. Aye me ‘arties let us subdue our next raid with cheap frozen, ovar breaded seafood and make arrre prey so sick we take tharrre ship wit ease!