HM3: Itempalooza

We're very lucky to have the indefatigable dblade drawing items for use in HeroMachine 3, and getting them to me in a format that's super easy to import. I've had quite the backlog of submissions from him waiting in the wings for a long while, and am happy to finally get them posted.

This also marks the debut of new contributor Zachary Hamilton, who provided the neat "Blades of Chaos" you see towards the bottom of the sample image.

From top-right to bottom-left, you can find these items in Male/Female-FantasyArmor; Tops-Female-Coats; Shoulder-Right; Tops-Male/Female-Coats; Foot-Right; Item-Right-BladesTwo; and Body-Zombies.

Be sure to thank dblade and Zachary in the comments! I did have to redraw the coats to fit on the female form, which is what took most of the day, otherwise they'd have been up very quickly.

Next, on to the Replacement Prize list!

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