HM3: Female Profile Heads

Finishing up Kytana's contest prize, I've just added the following two female heads in profile to the Head-Female-Standard set:

Note that I've left the eyes totally blank, so you can use the separate pupils and eyeballs from the Eyes-Standard set to make her look whichever way you want.

17 Responses to HM3: Female Profile Heads

  1. Cool.

  2. Nice models, jeff.
    *thumbs up

    Now i must change it for woman tutorial.

  3. Female heads are coming up but the new male heads are not, did all the regular things to refresh site but no good so far.

  4. Great job of the female profile heads. Any reason why you
    colored the female 3/4 head differently than the male 3/4 head? The coloring scheme you did on the male item is great!

    @ Hammerknight – I have no problem with the male head items appearing.

  5. aaaah finally :D:D

  6. bodys backplane 🙂

  7. @Jeff: Great stuff. Now if I could ask for a little alteration… Could you do the pupil removal from the new male heads as well??

  8. Good idea, Worf. Done, and done — eyeless male heads in profile are now available.

  9. I’m having the same problem as Hammerknight. The male version won’t show up for some reason. I’m using Chrome. When I use Firefox, the male profile heads show up.

  10. All I can suggest if you’re not seeing the male heads is, try to clear your cache. Basically your local browser hasn’t caught on yet that there’s a newer version of the file on the server that it needs to go get, and so it’s still using the local copy it downloaded a few days ago.

    If that’s not working, then it’s possible that your Internet Service Provider itself hasn’t retrieved the latest version of the file for some reason and so is still serving you old ones. In that case there’s not much to do but wait, unfortunately, till the servers synch.

  11. Nice!!
    By the way, Jeff, my email address is no good anymore. What’s the best way to update?

  12. spidercow2010, maybe just send me an email ( from a good address and then I’ll have it on record? Or if you mean you don’t have ANY good address any more, then … um, I don’t know what to do in that case.

    This time i have only textfile for female profil
    I hope its ok.

  14. I’m having Jake’s problem, only vice versa. Please explain what “clear your cache” means. I’m not that cyber savy. Thanks.

  15. Nite Rider, it depends on which browser you’re using. See this article for instructions for each one.