HM3: Turned heads

Kytana requested a "profile head" for her Character Contest 68 prize. I've put up three versions in Head-Male-Standard as a test -- let me know what you think. It didn't make sense to me to leave off the nose, mouth, and eyes, since there aren't any profile-view versions of those.

18 Responses to HM3: Turned heads

  1. Trekkie says:

    Awexome! They look great, thanks.

  2. Sean From Edwards says:

    very cool

  3. Kaldath says:

    The one in the middle looks like he has had his neck broken to me!

  4. ams says:

    I agree with Kaldath on the 2nd head (3/4 turn). You could probably remove the neck and just use the existing neck on the 3/4 turn torso and regular torsos and it would fit better. The neck now looks like the body is in a profile positon also. The profile heads are good. Limited in their uses with hair items, but you can “mask” many masks onto them to get cool looks. Thanks Jeff and Kytana!

  5. Jeff Hebert says:

    OK, middle head now neckless.

  6. remy says:

    Could someone construct a tutorial on how to make a good 3/4 degree character? I’m having trouble with proportions and clothes and whatnot.

  7. Sean From Edwards says:

    I second remy’s request

  8. ams says:

    I could try to make a tutorial, but I am busy with real life at the moment and any free time on HM 3 is taken up with the Friday Night Fight contest.

    Some advice though, don’t be afraid to use reference pictures. Goto any “How to draw…” site and see how they do it. Also if you have something already done and want help, go to the forums and post them in the posing thread. There are many Heromachiners willing to help with any requests.

  9. ams says:

    By the way, Jeff, that 3/4 head without the neck is now awesome! You can now tilt his head up and down for different posing. Thanks!

  10. Hammerknight says:

    I’m not liking the 1st one much. The other two are great. If I might suggest have the necks as a separate item so the heads can be moved like ams said. Plus a front on view of that face would let us do 3 views of the same face.

  11. Kytana says:

    Thanks, Jeff.
    Is not so bad that you don´t make the parts solo. It is work, so i understand. Bur i hope anytime a womans version goes on.

    And yes i worked on a tutorial, i tryed without text like a
    ikea instructions(a swedish furniture shop)so you can understand better what i mean.

  12. Jeff Hebert says:

    Thanks Kytana, if you’re happy with this basic treatment I’ll go ahead and do the female versions.

  13. Kytana says:

    And yeah the first picture is good draw. Now, ok i am a woman and this men is not for my taste(the nose too buckled, the eyes too small). But this is my view.
    For peculiarly hero characteristic(or macho) it is ok. 😉

  14. Kytana says:

    Fine 🙂

  15. Gero says:

    Is it possible to get a “blank” one of any of them as well, in case we want to make one without specific features so we can do a masked or covered eyes or mouth look?

  16. Xenowolf says:

    Man,this is what I been waiting for… H.A.M!

  17. spidercow2010 says:

    @kytana: ikea has made its way to the U.S., even to the hinterlands of Oregon.