Character Contest Prize: Creeper

Borntobealoser requested a creeper or some other "Minecraft" item as his prize for winning Character Contest 66. Rather than doing the big pixellated version you see in the actual game, I decided to do something more interpretive, inspired by this Scifer take. Hope you like it, BTBAL! It is now live in Companions-Standard.

10 Responses to Character Contest Prize: Creeper

  1. Haha, no way! That’s awesome!

    However, I want to warn people that haven’t played minecraft, a creeper is definitely NOT a companion! Wolves are companions. Small slimes can be companions. Creepers ambush you and blow up your house. Stay away from them!

  2. ssssssssss-

  3. Avatar Captain Kicktar

    Awesome! I might make my MC character in HM now.

  4. “That’s a nice house you have there…it would be a pity if something happened to it…sssssss”

  5. He’s adorable! *hugs* *explodes*

  6. “Ssssss”
    What was that?
    … -Places blocks behind-
    “Sss ITS HEROBINE RUN.. RUN!!!” -Kaboom-

  7. “My that’s a very nice everything you got there…Sssshame if something were to happen to it…Sssssssssss”

  8. That’s awesome! I’m really pleased with it. I think it’s actually kinda good you didn’t go with the pixellated version and did your own thing with it. Thanks, I’ve got a massive smile across my face permanently now.

  9. Bet Samson would love one as a companion.

  10. Avatar gtamythmaster43

    That is freakin’ hilarious.