HM3: Kimono

I've just uploaded the following kimono to Tops-Female-Dresses in HeroMachine 3 as Chasca's prize for winning Character Contest 69.

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  1. I know it may just be my Trekkie mind, but I can’t help but be reminded of this:

  2. I can definitely see where you’re coming from, Worf. Then again, that might be my trekkie mind as well.

    Anyway, another nice addition, thanks!

  3. Great item! Any chance the sleeves can be separated from the torso? Right now, its very limited for poses. Cheers!

  4. @Worf, that was the first thing I thought too! LOL!!

  5. And I thought of my missing hair. SNIFF.

  6. Actually, where is the female head with the ears already attached at? I didn’t see it under head-FemaleStandard…

  7. Ui, nice, nice, nice.

  8. Ian, I don’t think there is one. You just have to find the ears you want and resize them a bit. I find that getting the first 2 ears, moving them down 10, then resizing them to x 90, y 100 gets them about right. You might prefer them different. But that’s the thing, everyone wants different ears and a different head, so it’s hard to do that. You’d end up doing all the possible combinations, which is a lot of work when it’s fairly easy to just put them together yourself.

  9. @Ian: I think there’s a female head with attached ears on one or two of the bodies on the last page of Body-FemaleStandard.

  10. The head with ears pre-attached is just a composite I pasted in the template layer so I could place things properly. I don’t think there is one in the live version (and what you see here isn’t “live”, it just a busted-up version of layering some ears on a head).

  11. Hey Jeff, not to be a bother, but any word from your friend John about the contest yet?

  12. By the way, I just uploaded an updated version of the Tops-Female-Dresses set that has the kimono without the sleeves, per request.

  13. Awexome !!

    I’ve been wanting a kimono for a while, so thanks Chasca 🙂

    And Jeff, a great job as usual.

    Oh, and the kimono without sleeves is not working. I can see it in the Item tab, but when I click on it, it doesn’t appear in the canvas.

  14. Thanks for the heads-up, Neon — I fixed it and uploaded the corrected file just a moment ago.

  15. Jeff, when you mask things onto the kimono, the sleeves & collar aren’t affected (effected?), but in actual Kimono (authentic ones) the pattern/color is the same as the rest of the kimono. The obi (bandy-thing on waist) would be different, but not the sleeves & collar. Sorry to be a bother, I just thought you should know in case it was just a glitch.

  16. I don’t know jack about kimonos, Wierdrocks. If Chasca wants it different, he or she can ask me for it and I’ll make a change.

  17. Gorgeous! 😀

  18. superb! 😀
    i’ll tell chasca for this stuff