And architecture!

(From "Samson" number 1, 1940.)

8 Responses to And architecture!

  1. It looks like he’ already starting. That tower is off-kilter…

  2. His mere appearance caused the building to collapse. Or maybe it fell down itself so that it wouldn’t have to endure being smashed up by Samson.

  3. That madman, he doomed us all…

  4. This is definitely a case of “Be careful what you wish for”.

  5. Hey, wait a minute! I thought in one of the earlier DRP’s it said that Samson was a descendant of the Biblical guy, but now it’s saying he was summoned by a wizard! Continuity nerd rage rising…

  6. Samson is already wondering how far he can throw that tower.

  7. Avatar William A. Peterson

    Gero, both are possible… You can summon someone from somewhere besides the Nether realms!

  8. I can just picture the next couple of scenes, or what they should have been.

    Scene 1:

    Samson: “Say, are we in a tower?”

    Wise Man: “Yes, why?”

    Scene 2:

    Samson smashes through the tower.

    Wise Man “What building smashing menace have I brought upon the world?!?”